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7 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Attack Wheelchair Paraplegic in Tennessee

  1. Another extra-territorial sustained mauling. Just like Lockwood stated in the 1988 study;

    Pit Bulls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack!

  2. More Tennessee Bugtussle Pit-Bull Shixt:

    Luna owns four pit bulls and had had the dog for years. Luna said that the dog bit off his chain and jumped over the fence, and that there is a better chain for the dog now.

    She said that she feels awful, but has no plans of giving up her dog.

  3. The visual in my mind on this mauling is terrible. The poor man. I hope he has somethingto collect.
    What can you say America? This is a crime and this state does nothing.

  4. A man in a wheel chair and a 3 year old child… there’s a threat worthy of attack!

    That’s aggression for aggression’s sake alone. Now there’s a pit bull that knows what he was bred for!

  5. from the comment section:

    Thanks Brian for being one of the smart people! I share your opinion about pitbulls. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD…THESE SAME 2 DOGS RIPPED THE BUMPER OFF THE MAIL LADY'S CAR JUST LAST WEEK! GO AHEAD ASK THE OWNERS ABOUT THAT DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!!!! So,why were these dogs still running loose? I AM TOTALLY OUTRAGED BY THE IGNORANCE OF THE OWNERS…THEY NEED TO BE PUNISHED! The outcome of this is bad, but it could be worse. Mr. Brady & his son could have been killed! Prayers go out to the family!

  6. Hmmm ….a Tennesee pit bull attacking a vehicle and animal control doing nothing. Where have I heard this one before?

    I wonder if these are Charles Smallwood strain pits?

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