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8 thoughts on “Quadriplegic Woman Protects Service Dog from Attacking Pit Bulls

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  1. This is another one of these situations where the pit bulls were unfairly provoked. The nerve of that golden retriever! Who does he think he is, looking super handsome, acting super smart, and being loved and essential to a quadriplegic? Outrageous! No wonder these pit bulls went off. Stop provoking them!

  2. I though it was a crime to interfere with or harm a working service dog; since pit bulls were bred to kill other dogs, any time an off leash pit bull attacks a service dog, the pit owner should be charged. No owner of a pit bull can claim they didn’t know their dog could be dangerous to other dogs. The charge against pit owners whose dogs maul service animals should be automatic.

  3. Here is an update…

    The lowlife pit bull owner takes a page right out of the “pit bull owners playbook”. He apologizes, half-heartedly, then admits he will fight to keep his male dog “Damien”. The victim claims both dogs attacked. Another neighbor says this guys dogs attacked her dogs, but he denies it. He claims his pit bulls are simply “misunderstood” and are only going over to other dogs to “play”.

    Pit bull owners are pathologically creepy narcissists, who have no sense of shame or decency. Your dogs attacked a quadripeligics service dogs, you cretin. Make amends and have them both put down. Then go to church and light a candle and thank the good Lord this poor woman wasn’t injured trying to protect her dog.

  4. The owner should have both dogs put down not just one as he claims is being done as of tonight’s latest news from
    Apparently these dogs attacked a woman last summer as well.
    The victim in this story has every right then to sue the city of Champlin, MN as well as the dog’s owners in my opinion.
    There is obviously something wrong with people who own pit bulls who think that one attack isn’t enough. This is another example of another bad dog owner, not bad dog and he should have to face some harsh punishment this time.
    A dog lover in Minneapolis, MN

  5. In my idyllic pit bulless neighborhood, we had a situation where a chocolate lab left it’s yard and attacked a weimaraner. The lab owner, horrified, profusely apologized, paid the vet bills and had his dog euthanized. It was important to him not to have a beast that wanted to hurt other dogs and possibly the neighborhood kids.

    In fighting dog fancy world this dog probsbly would have been culled for being too easily seperated from the victim dog.

  6. “This is another example of another bad dog owner, not bad dog and he should have to face some harsh punishment this time.”

    Sorry, uh, no. This is a typical example of pit bull behavior. These dogs were bred to kill other dogs. They have a strong genetic drive to do so, they will dig under or scale most fences, break chains and tethers, burst through screen doors and windows, etc., to get to another dog. It is completely predictable behavior, which is why most true dog lovers don’t own fighting breeds as “pets”…the burden of owning an animal that has the propensity, drive and ability to kill someone elses beloved pet is something real animal lovers find untenable.

    Pit bull owners seem to fit a certain profile, and we find evidence of it again and again; a lack of remorse for victims, extreme narcisism, blaming the victims, not taking responsibility, and a callous disregard for the safety of others. People like this are attracted to this breed, and breeders continue to breed violent dogs to fill the demand.

    Dogs like this do not belong as pets in any neighborhood…explosive dog aggression is a dangerous trait in pit bulls, which is why they should be banned or regulated.

  7. Not buying it Wheelock! Your poorly fit rented suit looks about as phony as your apology sounds. YOU misunderstand the genetics of your dogs!

  8. Wheelock describes Neeko as an escape artist who was able to push open the fence gate. He says Damien followed.

    The owner admits knowing these dogs were escape prone…Jail time please!!!

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