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6 thoughts on “Pit Bulls in D.C. Injure Three Children in One Week

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  1. Congrats to the Texan who stepped up to the plate! The guy whose pit bulls were shot is typical. As if it wasn’t bad enough that his pits went into the other person’s yard and menaced the first time, they returned hours later even though the pit owner was told exactly what would happen!

    I’m glad this story didn’t go the way it usually does. Warn pit owner… get ignored. Warn pit owner… get ignored. Warn pit owner, have your family pet or child mauled before something happens.

    Good shooting.

  2. Cane Corso…yeah right! Those are expensive and fairly rare dogs. ..not likely to be strayin’ around in poor inner DC.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the rescue angels at local animal control might be trying to take the heat off pit bulls since the city council was discussing regulating them.

  3. The above poster is correct….Cane Corso is a rare breed. I would like to know who made the determination it was a Cane Corso mix? It may be that some local drug dealers have crossed pits with Cane Corsos to try and produce a bigger, more aggressive fighting dog.

    Looks like the dog didn’t “wander” into the center, but was brought in by the director, and left unattended with children. The negligence on the part of the center is astounding. The director should have already been fired, anyone whose judgement is so impaired that they would allow a dog like this into an environment with children should not be allowed to work with children.

  4. Sounds like the Boys & Girls Club director watched one too many YouBoob videos about how great pit bulls are with kids. And I'm with those above… Cane Corso my arse. Good thing it wasn't a black pit bull or those same people would be calling it a labrador.

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