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2 thoughts on “Video: Pit Bull Attacks Herd of Horses in Harford County

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  1. “The dog got out again,” is a classic statement after a dog is caught attacking livestock, AGAIN. Warnings, letters, even photos are a waste of time. And who’s the bad guy when the dog is finally shot? Always the livestock owner!

    Imagine if the owner of the colt that was killed, became aware of the attack and shot the dog prior to the colt being mauled. If this happened in Orange County, FL, the colt’s owner has an excellent chance the Humane Society will seek charges for shooting the attacking dog. (Ridiculous, but that’s exactly what’s happened in the case of the dogs shot in the cow/calf pasture in Orange Co.)

    Fortunately, that is not the law. And unfortunately, too many dog owners refuse to accept this until after the dog has been shot. And sometimes they STILL don’t get it.

    The only animal I’ve ever shot twice, on different days, was an Akita going after my horses. The first time, it was foul hit low in the hip and was able to limp home. Perhaps the owners thought the dog would have learned its lesson, and I would have thought the owners learned theirs. But, after I upgraded my weapon and ammo, I ended up shooting the same dog through the chest for doing the same thing less than two months later!

    It’s a sad day that a dog has to be shot. I love dogs. I wish other people loved dogs the way I do. If they did, their dogs wouldn’t be attacking other animals and getting shot in someone else’s pasture. Of course, shooting is not a guaranteed outcome. A stray beagle will ignore large animals and trot through a herd with his nose to the ground. A stray lab will wind up in the pond, swim after the ducks, and try to make friends with everybody. (And I’m a sucker for that; I have a hard time returning new friends.) But dogs like akitas and pit bulls are a very different animal with very different risks. Breed – Does – Matter. It’s foolish to believe otherwise.

  2. You are right, I have a Lab and when he finds kids to play with he’s in heaven. He will fetch every thing they throw and if they stop he will follow them until they pick a new game. I just could not imagine him being any different. Nor do I understand why anyone would want anything less.

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