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3 thoughts on “Man Attacked in Groin; Officials Still Determining if Dog is 'Vicious'

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  1. The pit bull bites someone in the groin and they don’t immediately have a determination in hand? Those are some lame, insane, and arcane dog laws!

  2. This Nebraska town will have more victims—Victims who are seriously injured for life perhaps a death. This town really needs to sit down NOW and look what different cities are doin with the pit bull problem. People expect elected officials to try and protect them. One bite from a pit bull can be lethal does that mean the dog gets a second human?

  3. two pit bulls have seriously injured my dog..which is the animal hospital now..the deputy come out and didn't take the pitbulls..just said if they come back in your yard ..shoot them..isn't this what we elect our sheriff to take care of..this shooting of the pitbulls could cause more trouble in the neighborhood..we have small children in the neighborhood who are in danger of these pit bulls..isn't there a law protecting us from pit bulls..does the next time I call the 911 it to report these dogs have attacked a child..what do we have to do to get this taken care of

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