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3 thoughts on “Flashback: Series of Pit Bull Attacks Stirs a Clamor for Laws (1987)

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  1. That same article could be printed today and no one would know the difference. It clearly shows how elected officials have been warned, knew the danger, and still have done nothing.

    Another pit bull advocate myth debunked: pit bulls are the latest fad and its only a current, passing problem. A 25 year old passing fad.

  2. The problem has continued to expand with the bad people breeding a pit bull with another dog with poor breeding. This creates a weapon. This is done daily across the U.S. Many people have adopted pit bulls who are not criminals. However, they know very little about the traits of the pit bull. Pit bull advocates often deny the traits of the dog unpredictability,unique bite, heavily prey driven, great strength. This is why if you read the news stories on this blog you see so much innocent human slaughter. The poor animals killed almost never make the paper. I think the pit bull in the U.S. is beyond repair due to the poor breeding. The big humane groups won’t step up and help because they are dependent on donors.

  3. Clearly New York City didn’t learn when they paid opt the $5 Million Pit Bull judgement against them last year. Let’s hope Mr Piotrowski’s family can wake them up.

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