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5 thoughts on “Adoption Disaster; Another Dog Dead to Pit Bulls

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  1. Another systematic failure at an Animal Service agency. That’s our tax dollars at work or rather at WASTE. How difficult is it to hook up the adoption agencies with Animal Control records for cross-checking purposes? Regarding the animal protesters, I wonder how MANY of them actually license their pets? It’s estimated that only 25% of animal owners do. THESE FEES go toward ensuring that systematic failures do not occur.

  2. That’s a big failure of the A/C world. I can’t think of another public sector that is so negligent on it’s fiduciary responsibility to collect license fees.

    Less time fixating on Pit Bulls and more time operating in the Black please!

  3. May the Vet now have a new understanding of pit bulls. Thousands of people’s pets are killed by these dogs every year. Don’t talk to me about the irresponsible owner either. The dog was bred to kill other dogs.
    Veterinarians need to speak out instead of turning their heads and not recognizing health statistics!

  4. Click on the links to the interviews with the adoptive owner and the vet…this vet is an incompetant idiot! He takes no responsibility for what happened; he put an ad on Craigs list, and simply handed the dog over to this idiot garage owner, who only wanted a free guard dog. This vet did NO reference checks, asked for no vet referals,did no home inspection, etc. How many dogs has this man placed with gang members or thugs? Does this man adopt out pit bulls to anyone with a good story? How do you simply send a dog home with someone who anwers an ad on Craigs list without checking them out first?

    According to the garage owner, the ad on Craigs list said that Bears time was “running out”. Maybe this vet should stop adopting out dogs if he can’t commit to doing it properly; it would have been far more humane had the dog had been euthanized after he was first found as a stray; being slaughtered by pit bulls was a cruel way to go.

  5. This is why I don’t put much credence into what the veterinary community has to say about dangerous breeds. Back in the 60’s, 4 out of 5 Doctors used to recommend a certain brand of cigarette. Th AVMA knows restricting dogs is not in their best business interest.

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