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6 thoughts on “10-Year Old's Arm Amputated After Family Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Ungh….If only this was the adult owner.

    How many limbs, scalps and lives have these dogs taken?

  2. This one seems ripe for prosecution…Let’s see if the Prosecutor gets bamboozeled by legal blind spot afforded the owner since this was presumably a “domesticated dog”.

  3. The pit bull advocates are sitting around saying, “There must have been some sign from the dog like
    he growled at a stranger the day before.” So what if the dog did?
    How many dog breeds chew a family members arm off the way this breed does? The pit bull advocates continue to deny genetics. It’s a lot like the fairy tale of The Emperors New Clothes. The subjects refused to say the king had no clothes on–A child called out, “he’s naked.” Perhaps this mauled child can tell the advocates, “genetics count.”

  4. If only the dog fighter sacred scrolls had been followed after the first incident!

    “Thou shalt cull human aggressive pits”

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