07/22-29/08 Pit Bulls Shot By Police

#202: Farmville Police Shoot Pit Bull 07/21/08 | Farmville, NC Summary: Officers responding to a call in which a pit bull attacked a man, arrived at the dog owner's home. The officers wound up shooting and killing the dog after it lunged at them. Pit bulls killed: 1 #203: Amity Police Kill Attacking Pit Bull 07/23/08 | Amity, PN Summary: After the family pit bull suddenly attacked its owner, Thomas Knight, police responded to the scene. They Tasered the animal, but it continued… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Tulsa Infant Killed by Labrador Puppy

Linzy Earles, the mother of 2-month old boy mauled to death by family dog. Manslaughter Charges archived UPDATE 11/04/08: Linzy Earles, who turned 18-years old last month, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in a juvenile court in connection with the mauling death of her baby, 2-month old Zane Alen Earles. The Tulsa police affidavit states that Zane "was left unattended in an infant swing on the opposite side of the house for approximately two hours." In this t… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Victimized by Arcane Dog Laws that Protect Dangerous Dogs

DogsBite.org - A commenter has left a message that describes in chilling detail the reality of a severe dog attack followed by arcane dog laws and animal control policies that fail to punish the dog owner and protect the community from the offending dog. In this case, as in many others, the attacking dog was returned its owner so that the animal can attack again. After the second violent attack, then restrictions are placed on the dog. These laws are not common sense; they are dea… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 1-Year Old Erie Girl Killed by Family Dog

Addison Sonney, 14-months old, was attacked and killed by her family's dog. Family Dog Kills Child Erie, PA - A 1-year-old girl has died after being attacked by her family dog. The Allegheny County medical examiner said Addison Sonney died yesterday at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The girl's mother, Kari Sonney, was treated at a hospital for injuries suffered trying to save Addison. Police followed the dog into a nearby neighborhood and shot and killed it. The attack… [Read full blog post]

Mississippi Boy's Mother Discusses Fatal Dog Attack

Tony Evans Jr., 3-years old, was killed by his neighbor's chained pit bull. Child Killed by Pit Bull Jackson, MS - On July 22nd, Chassidy Vardaman went to her front porch and called the children home. But when they came, one was missing. The family quickly began searching the neighborhood. Tony was last seen playing with some children across the street at the home of Shannon Reason. They knocked on his door to ask if he'd seen the toddler. He hadn't, but a while later Reason walked… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Mississippi 3-Year Old Boy Killed by Neighbor's Chained Pit Bull

Tony Evans Jr., 3-years old, was killed by his neighbor's chained pit bull. Pit Bull Kills Child Jackson, MS - A 3-year-old boy was killed Tuesday night in south Jackson after he was grabbed and mauled by a neighbor's chained pit bull. Tony Evans Jr was transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. No one else was injured in the attack. Police spokesman Sgt. Jeffery Scott said police had to shoot the animal in self-defense. The pit bu… [Read full blog post]