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5 thoughts on “Woman Sues After Being Bit By Pit Bull in Dog Obedience Class

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  1. The school I trained at had a strict policy…no human aggressive or dog aggressive dogs at beginner obedience. If your dog had aggression problems, you could schedule one on one behavioral analysis and training to help deal with the problem. No people or dogs were put at risk. The trainer was certified APDT, and is active in the show/performance traning of the local breed club.

    I went onto the ASLIP website…interestingly, the owners give NO credentials/certifications whatsoever. They are self-declared “dog experts”. It is really scary how unregulated dog training/daycare/boarding is. That would explain why the so-called “dog trainer” blames the victim for “walking in front of” the dog. My advice to the victim is to tell her lawyer to demand from the owners proof of expertise in dog behavior/training…they are, most likely, frauds who are putting the public at risk.

  2. Never walk infront of a Pit Bull…It’s not safe according to dog trainers.

  3. Well if that is true, that you can trigger a pit bull into attacking you by walking past it, I think that’s all we need to show why they should be banned.

  4. The Dog world is a mess…Any moron can claim to be a “Dog Trainer” and any misguided activist can slap a vest on a Pit Bull and claim it is an “emotional needs” service dog and bully their way into Wal-Mart…It’s totally unregulated.

  5. I took my dog to a class.My dog has a biting problem.The trainer of class went around the class and gave each dog a treat and walked away.I had told the Trainer my dog bites.The Trainer ignored me and my dog.She then processed to take a child sitting watching his mom train there dog and took the “Child” to each dog and had the child give each dog a treat and then touch each dog on the head.I was nervous and had to wonder why a Trainer would put a child at risk when in the class there was pit bulls and other large dogs? Why would the mother of the child let her son walk around these dogs and touch them? Made me wonder what kind of Trainer was this?I found the class boring,each week more and more people didn’t come back.My opinion is It was a waste of time and stupid risks was taken,Since when do you use a child for bait? Why would you put puppies in the same class with adult large dogs?I also dropped out,the Trainer kept insisting on using food on my dog.If i wanted to have food training i would of went to Petsmart,looks like to me Canine Obedience isn’t “SO SMART”

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