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2 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Jump Fence, Attack Woman, 77, Gardening

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  1. I can only guess that these dogs view anything that is at eye level with them….a child, a person crouching while gardening; as another match dog, and are challenged by it. I would love to know what rescue group or shelter this owner got these dogs from. The owner does not sound like the typical, scumbag pit bull owner; he sounds like another person duped by humane organizations into “rescuing” these dogs.

    The owner of the dogs may very well be a victim too…I would like to see the owner out the rescue group that convinced him these were “safe” pets.

  2. You got it anonymous! And what’s particularly sad is these very same people could have given a home to safe and sane dogs, in dire need of rescue. Instead, 3 pit bulls took their place. Now the pit bulls will likely be killed, but only after this detour to catastrophe. Everybody loses!

    I hope the rescue or shelter that foisted this fraud suffers all the humiliation they deserve.

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