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4 thoughts on “Flashback: Pit Bulls Scalp Man in Guyana

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  1. Oh My God – Do not people realize the damage this dog can do? These dogs have hurt the way Americans view dogs. The breeders of the Bully breeds better wake up because another twenty years of this and your dog then might really be in trouble. Bully breed owners look to Germany home of the bully breeds who banned the Am. Pit Bull Terrier. They didn’t understand the traits of the pit.
    The unpredictability.

  2. Pit bull savages trespasser (Guyana)
    By Stabroek staff | June 9, 2009 in Local News

    A vagrant, who reportedly entered a yard at the corner of Leopold and High streets, Werk-en-Rust, without the owner of the property’s permission, was severely bitten by a pit bull which was in the yard at the time. The man, Mark Goodridge, of no fixed place of abode was rescued by a police patrol which was in the area. When this newspaper visited the Georgetown Public Hospital yesterday afternoon, Goodridge was crying out in pain as he was being attended to by staff of the medical institution. The man was bitten about several parts of his body including his hands and head but received the brunt of the attack on both legs. His condition was reported to be stable.

  3. June 2009 – Scalp victim in South Africa. 4-year old Xander van Zyl (neighbor's pit bull):

    A 4-year-old boy had parts of his scalp ripped off, his ear nearly torn off, and his left arm broken, when he was attacked by what is believed to be a pit bull terrier on Friday. While the owners of the house where the attack took place apparently stood by and watched, Fanie van Rensburg, a neighbour of little Xander van Zyl, managed to save the child from its jaws. “Man, what a horrible thing. The dog was dragging the boy back and forth, picking him up and letting go over and over…

  4. More Guyana attacks: (2011)

    East Ruimveldt plumber mauled by two vicious dogs…his face ripped from mouth to ear
    Patrick Gordon is grateful to be alive following yet another pit bull attack
    On May 21, 2008, a vagrant was scalped and injured by several dogs in Queenstown in the city, when he went into an empty lot to pick mangoes
    on April 16, 2008, Charles Roopchand, a security guard of 2C Area H, Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, was killed by a pack of pit bulls on the Ogle Airstrip

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