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2 thoughts on “In Virginia, Every Dog Still Gets 'One Free Bite'

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  1. ‘Contributory negligence,’ applicable to children? Virginia is writing the movie sequel for ‘Back To The Future.’ It’s called, ‘Forward To The Past.’ Attorney Kenneth Phillips gets two thumbs up for best use of the word, “anachronism.” I had to look it up… I would have gone with arcane. (Different meanings but both apply!)

    The victim’s mother selected “archaic,” also correct, in the comment section as she shed more light on the facts:

    “What the article FAILED to mention is that (1) my son played there in their backyard with thier son for the last 8 months!! He KNEW the family and the dog. (2) My son was SENT into the backyard BY THE OWNER to get a lawnmower!!! He was attacked by this animal WITHOUT provocation! The owners have yet to call and apologize nor have they bothered to check on how my son is.”

    That is a different picture. What isn’t different in this story is the lack of apology and indifference towards the victim.

    Good luck to ‘Chopper.’ With Virginia’s one free bite rule, Chopper has a chance to evaluate his performance and improve his skills. Maybe next time he can score a kill on some kid, maybe even on one of his owner’s kids.

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