05/21-26/08 Pit Bull Shot by Police

Two Bullets Do Not Kill Pit Bull (05/21/08): Rockford, IL - Rockford police recently shot a pit bull two times at point-blank range -- the animal still lived. At the time, police were attempting to serve a warrant on a man wanted on three counts of domestic battery. Police spotted the man and a pit bull outside a residence. The man dashed inside of the house and the pit bull charged the officer. The officer shot the dog twice, the second shot stopping the dog in its tracks. Winnebago… [Read full blog post]

05/15-18/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

Pit Bull Owner Busted for Domestic Abuse (05/15/08): New Hanover, NC - Last week John Williams and his wife were in dog court. Their pit bull "Joe" was in trouble for biting a deputy who lived nearby. The dog court ruled that Williams had to restrain and muzzle the dog. Williams was not happy by the ruling. Coincidentally, the following night, New Hanover County deputies were called to the Williams home on a domestic dispute. During an arrest attempt, the pit bull appeared and vi… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Year Old Boy Attacked and Killed by Pit Bulls in Breckenridge, Texas

Owners Charged under Texas Felony Dog Attack StatuteTanner Joshua Monk, 7-years old, was killed by four pit bulls belonging to his neighbors. Owners Receive 7 Years UPDATE 10/11/08: Both defendants were sentenced to seven years in prison in connection to the mauling death 7-year old Tanner Joshua Monk. Crystal Watson sobbed, "I wish I could go back to that day; I wished I’d never left." Jack Wayne Smith said, "I would trade places with that young boy anytime or with any child.… [Read full blog post]

Fatal Dog Mauling of Julian Slack Brings Back Bad Memories

Lejeune's Policy Questioned Camp Lejeune, NC - DogsBite.org pointed out the policy issue last week. In 2007, the Marine Corps was sued for 5 million dollars after a dog viciously attacked a young girl living at Camp Lejeune in 2005. The organization has done nothing in this 3-year time frame to enact policy to prevent a future tragedy. Likely as a result, Lejeune is now faced with a fatality. Last week, 3-year-old Julian Slack bled to death on the way to the hospital after being b… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies In Pit Bull Attack At Camp Lejeune

Julian Slack, 3-years old, was mauled to death by a pit bull at Camp Lejeune. Mauling Victim Identified UPDATE 05/16/08: Onslow County medical examiner, Dr. John Almeida, has released more information about the fatal pit bull attack that occurred. Julian Slack, 3-years old, bled to death as a result of dog bite injury. The manner of death is listed as accidental on the death certificate. Slack was at home and under the care of a babysitter at the time of the incident. The attack… [Read full blog post]

05/06-12/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

Milwaukee Police Shoot Threatening Pit Bull (05/06/08): Milwaukee, WI - Sirens and police cars swarmed a Milwaukee hotel near the airport Tuesday morning. Police were responding to a fight at a Motel 6 near Howell and Layton. Once on the scene, they came across a loose pit bull. Officers felt threatened by the dog and shot it dead. The dog’s owner was arrested. Police do not believe the two incidents are related. Man Shoots Pit Bull After it Tries to Attack Wife (05/09/08): Clar… [Read full blog post]