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6 thoughts on “When a Family Rottweiler Has a Bad Day

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  1. The story doesn’t say where “The Rock” was adopted from. Gotta wonder if this was another animal control breakdown caused by a shelter worker suffering from “Rescue Angel/Kennel Blindness” syndrome?

    In the aviation and medical fields, after the is a mishap such as this, records are immediately locked up and an investigation ensues. The goal is to not repeat the same mistakes which led to the accident. Animal welfare workers get right back to work trying to place at risk dogs as “Lab mixes” and issueing press releases about muzzling aggressive chihuahuas.

  2. I very much like the analogy anonymous! If any aircraft device or system exhibits any potential to be problematic, an Airworthiness Directive for removal or modification is issued and enforced to the letter. This was the case in the mass groundings that recently affected air travel nationwide.

    If these reprobate nitwits couldn’t figure this out on their own, they should have been grounded long ago. Nothing is worse than fools with an agenda to make the same mistakes over and over again, especially where the safety of others is concerned.

  3. Child abuse. I hope these parents are being investigated. Did you watch the video? Scary! Moreover, the mother blames the child and reminds her to “never feed the dogs unless you are in a group.” First off, does the mom think it’s a good idea for a group of kids to be attacked? Second off, who gave the child the food bowl and told her to feed the dog!?

  4. One thing about the aviation field is that roughly 80 percent of mishaps are caused by human factors, miscommunication, rushing a job, not following checklists etc…They spend millions studying the problem and improving processes to improve safety. They need to come to terms with “Kennel blindness” that comes from working around so many euthanizations of animals.

    The animal control field doesn’t seem to realize they are in the public safety business. The only way this will change is when counties are faced with six figure judgements from AC’s negligence.

    Currently it is a near zero accountability field.

  5. The Rotweiller had been at the Troy Animal Shelter for about two weeks when the Murphy family got him.

    “He had shown no signs of aggression there,” Andress said. “You could pet him while he was eating. He never was aggressive in any way. If he had been, I would never have let them take him.”

  6. What has to happen is that ANY child mauling should automatically result in a DSS investigation of the family. It should be considered child abuse to bring a large, aggresive canivore into a home, then blame the kids for causing the dog to attack them. Nicky Fabish’s mom tried to do it, by blaming the child for “getting out” of the basement and entering the upstairs, where he was mauled to death by the family pit bulls.

    Start charging the parents with child endagerment, and you will see how fast they give up the shelter employees who insist that the “boxer mix”(read; pit bull) puppy will grow up to be JUST LIKE a Golden Retriever if you just give it enough love. Lets stop pretending that folks who want a Bad Ass dog breed as a cheap burgler alarm, or to make themselves look tough, or as an accessory to a criminal lifestyle, as simply greiving parents who “had no idea” of what these animals were capable of.

    Parents who leave a loaded firearm out where children can reach it are criminally prosecuted, parents who leave drugs out where children can access them are criminally prosecuted….but if some lowlife is sick of supporting his kid, he can simply let his dog kill the child, and walk away scott free. If child welfare advocates don’t see the problem with this, then they are condoning a form of child abuse.

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