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2 thoughts on “UK Dangerous Dog Act Failed to Ban Breeds within Pit Bull Class

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  1. And it’s no problem to buy falsified Am.staff papers through the internet and turn your deadly banned pitbull into a legal breed.
    That’s why a ban on just pits doesn’t work.

  2. They continue to fight the bull terriers, or crosses there of, in the UK. This thread also mentions the Irish Stafford bull terriers: gives more background:

    In Ireland a separate type was created which combined showing and fighting, thus producing a taller, fitter dog than the English K.C. Staffordshire. In terms of colour they were similar, although a Blue variety was produced, juts as it had been in Scotland, which was known as the Blue Paul. The Irish Blue variety (Blue Bullet line) was started by M. A. Smith and C. Smith, from a dog acquired in the Black Country. He turned out to be a throwback to the old type of fighting dog and was very precocious, even at an early age pushing his way through a wooden fence to reach another dog. His success in the ring was commendable and he went on to win prizes. From him a line was developed.

    Heck, I thought the blues were a U.S. creation!

    I guess the “American Blue Line Pit Bulls” (also called American Bullys) are steeped in the history of dogfighting.

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