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4 thoughts on “American Bulldog and Bullmastiff Attack Pony and Rider

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  1. Anyone in the U.S. keeping track of pit bull attacks on horses?

    Also…if a game warden can legally shoot a dog for running deer, why can’t we shoot a dog for attacking a horse? Why can’t we shoot a dog that is running down and killing other dogs? Is the life of a deer worth more than a horse, or a dog?

  2. I don’t know if anyone is keeping track but I have started noticing it this year. And we’re not talking a bunch of hungry strays attacking livestock for food, many of these attacks are single pit bulls that attack a group of horses or break into stables. It’s unreal that a dog would take on such a large animal like that. I guess it all comes down to what the breed was created for, and in this case bull baiting and dog fighting. If the dog can confuse a horse with a bull or dog, it can do the same to a child. I really don’t see how people are allowed to own them without some sort of restrictions.

  3. The laws vary from state-to-state where wildlife is concerned, but I’ve never heard of any U.S. location that doesn’t permit armed protection of horses, other livestock and pets.

    I live in a neighborhood that has more horses than people, and our emergency call tree will usually get the first shooter to a location within minutes.

    Along these lines, I read in a (now deleted) YouTube post that ranchers down south developed a similar system, and that hog hunters with pit bulls never have to wonder what happened when they find their busted tracking collars hanging on a fence post. (ha!)

  4. I had a friend who told me how she was attacked while riding with a friend through conservation land; a pit bull came out of no where and attacked both horses. We are not talking ponies, she had a huge warmblood. The dog latched onto the horses chest and hung on while the horse reared. She said it was terrifying.

    A large horse is fairly well equipped to take on a dog…a dog-aggressive horse can kill a dog. But a pit bull is a whole different story; they will not quit.

    I just wish all these different groups…the horse folks, ranchers, farmers, child protection agencies, first responders, victims of pit bull attacks, dog-lovers who have lost dogs to pit bull attacks, elder advocates…would all stand together and demand regulation of these animals.

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