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4 thoughts on “Pit bull Breaks Through Gate and Attacks Young Girl

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  1. Here is more detail on the story…

    Typically, the adult at the home claims it is her son’s dog. The victims family is having trouble covering the medical bills, even though they have insurance. The child is still having nightmares. There is graphic video footage of the gaping hole the dog left in her abdomen….looks like the dog tried to disembowel her.

  2. The dog owners name is Elizabeth Sliwa….she is on camera crying crocodile tears for the victim. Most likely the tears are for herself. In typical pit bull owner fashion, she was quick to claim that the dog was “her son’s dog”, probably because he is either a minor, or he is other wise judgement proof.

    Isn’t it funny that every time a “pet” pit bull attacks a neighbors kid, suddenly the homeowner is not the dog owner? It’s always some other relatives dog.

  3. why keep the dog if you can’t pay for it? it makes me mad to see all these reports of little kids being beat up, and then the people who are keeping the dogs are suddenly “NOT THE OWNER”

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