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4 thoughts on “Orlando Mayor Rescues Terrier from Jaws of Pit Bull

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  1. The elephant in the room is intentionally breeding and selling dogs with explosive animal aggressive. No matter what the Pit Nutters say, it IS a public safety issue!

  2. “…that’s also surprising, usually these pets are killed.”

    or later humanely euthanized.

  3. Update: Owner finally steps forward and is astoundingly ignorant of what he owns.,0,4104750.story

    Valentine said his pit bull would not attack another dog unless provoked. He also thinks someone intentionally released Spider-Man from his pickup’s camper while he was at an Edgewater Drive gas station a few blocks north of where the incident happened.

    “He’s a good dog; he doesn’t bite,” he said. “He’s had a couple other dog fights, but only because the other dog jumped him. If somebody jumped on you, wouldn’t you fight back?”

  4. Dogs can figure out gates, and pry open camper lids. Why do the pit nutters say that someone LET their dog out?

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