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9 thoughts on “Minneapolis Father Tried for Manslaughter After Pit Bull Kills 7-Year Old Son

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  1. Who will take care of his family while he is behind bars? The law is the law, negligence is negligence…but I do pray for his family, the real victims in this tragedy.

  2. He is not taking very good care of them now, one was mauled to death by a dog he had chained in the basement. It’s about time these people were punished for this kind of behavior.

  3. “This is a family dog,” he told the judge. “This is a family dog that protected the home. This is a family that could never anticipate a thing like this.”

    Tell it to the jury!

    Time for these folks to pay the price for snuffing young lives while playing lion tamer.

  4. Update: Tearful father testifies

    Defense witnesses this morning, including a school counselor, two pastors, a county child protection worker and King’s mother, testified this morning that King and his wife, Melissa, were attentive, protective parents and that their house at 3530 Humboldt Ave. N. was kept clean and safe for their children.

    Cept’ for the human aggressive Pit Bull breeding operation in the basement….

  5. You may have read now that the verdict was “not guilty.” Good defense lawyering, apparently. Regardless, this father already suffered the ultimate punishment of all — the death of his son.

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