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3 thoughts on “Bloodsport Bust: Remains of Dogs Found in Shallow Graves

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  1. Has anyone noticed that none of the pro-pit rescue organizations have much to say about dogfighting? They are all suspiciously quiet on the topic, including the venerable BadRap. Most of their energy goes into promoting the breed as pets….which only seems to help the market for back yard breeders. You would think that these organizations would also be at the forefront of a movement to end dogfighting….advocating against dogfighting websites, the mainstream newspapers who run ads for pit bulls from fighting bloodlines. They don’t.

    I know that some of the groups who rescue sporting dogs are very vocal about the practices of large scale breeding operations that overbreed to produce hunting dogs, then dump the dogs that don’t work out. Not so the pro-pit lobby. There seems to be some sort of unholy alliance between the folks obsessed with promoting and rescuing this breed and the “dogmen” who still breed the “oldtime gamebred dogs”. The pit rescue groups do’t seem the least bit inclined to make it harder for the dogfighters to continue doing what they do. It’s an interesting dynamic, and really makes you wonder.

  2. Just so readers know, the AADR is just another fake dog registry that dog fighters and back yard breeders use to pretend they are breeding “show” dogs. The breeders occasionally get together for “shows” where they simply give each other’s dogs ribbons and declare them “Champions”.

    The shows serve two purposes; they provide a cover for illegal dogfighters to breed and transport dogs to “shows”, and it allows horrible back yard breeders to claim that they breed “show dogs”, therefore they can charge more for puppies.

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