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5 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Attack Five Miniature Horses, Killing One

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  1. “Director of Animal Services Kevin Overstreet says they have been called out to that address in the past. The dogs have been signed over to be euthanized by the owner. Animal Services is checking state law to find out if the dogs’ owners will be held criminally responsible for this attack.”

    Lemme get this straight…The Animal Services has to “check the law” to see if charges can be brought forth? Shouldn’t these “professionals” know the law backwards and forwards?!

    How ethereal…..

  2. So…once again, pit bull dogs wreak havoc, and the owners walk away. Authorities are checking state laws to see if they can charge them? The owners agree to euthanize the dogs…so what. In a few months, I’ll bet the owners will have two more pit bulls.

    My mother is in a nursing home, and they had a miniature horse come in as a part of a pet therapy program. You cannot imagine the joy these small horses bring to the residents.

    I fear, eventually, people will be unable to keep livestock or family pets in ANY area where residents are allowed to own pit bull dogs; the risk to other animals is just too great. All it takes is ONCE for these dogs to get loose, and the results are tragic.

  3. Here is another horrific pit bull attack on a small dog….

    The owner of the small dog happened to have a video camera at the time…the camera was dangling from her arm and caught part of the attack. It’s horrifying… you can hear her screaming, and see her dog down, being mauled. Her dog died in her arms. The owner of the two pit bulls, who brought them to a dog park and let them off leash, simply took her dogs and walked away after the attack.

  4. Pit bull owmers argue the stats are all wrong, that there is very little danger. I agree the stats are all wrong. They don’t take into account the distance you live from the dogs. You are at a much greater risk if you have a large male chained up next door, than a person that lives five miles away. So the stats divide the danger up by the whole population instead of the neighborhood where the dogs live.

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