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7 thoughts on “Even Advocates Lump American Bulldogs with Pit Bulls

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  1. These dogs have had numerous name changes over the years to distance themselves from their british fighting pit heritage. The American Bulldog was officially named the American Pit BullDog up until 1972 or so.

    Their advocates now thrive in the confusion… When losing an argument, they will reflexively whip out the “There is no such Breed” card.

  2. No doubt, but they will also whip out, “An American Bulldog in NOT a pit bull…!” Or to get around laws, they will say, “This is an American Bulldog, not a pit bull.” It’s disgusting. Always nice to have pit bull authority figure say that they are one in the same…

  3. The breedist in this article deviated from the normal Pit advocate talking points while effevescing about the power of the dogs.

    “Natural Aggression” The selection of this breed via the fighting pit is anything but “Natural”.

    “Tug of War contests” Behaviorists say this is a no-no.

    The dogs can pull 8000lbs?!!!! No wonder there are so many fence bustin’ and chain breaking incidents! It’s just another example to show why a casual owner cannot contain these dogs without a special infrastructure.

    Any of the good traits(loyalty) etc, can be found in other, safer breeds.

  4. The article failed to mention that these two “breeds” killed 22 Americans last year.

  5. At current pace, these two breeds will kill 200+ Americans over the next decade. Unfortunately, the pace is accelerating.


    according to this article, sandy reed has spent her life rescuing and raising pitbulls.

    “She says Pit Bulls are friendly dogs who are happiest indoors with lots of attention, but they were originally bred to grip cattle for butchers.”
    “So, if they get out, their natural instincts will take over and they’re likely to attack another animal.”

    pit bulls = bulldogs in her mind as well.

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