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4 thoughts on “Dog-bite Victim Gets $1 Million after American Bulldog Attack

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  1. I applaud this decision, and hope this sets a precedent. I do wish the dog owner had been charged with a felony, however. Dog owners need to be held accountable.

  2. Most felonies require knowledge that the animal was “known to be dangerous.” This appears to be true in this instance.

    Charges Filed in Attack
    District Attorney Stephan Passalacqua announced today that his office has filed a felony charge of Allowing a Vicious Animal at Large against the owners of an American Bulldog who attacked a woman.

    The investigation by Sonoma County Animal Control revealed that there had been numerous prior complaints made by neighbors that the bulldog owners harbored malicious dogs on their property.

    District Attorney Passalacqua stated, “Irresponsible owners of animals who do not take precautions to safeguard neighbors from vicious attacks, need to be held accountable for the consequences.”

    Felony dropped to Misdemeanor occurred somewhere, perhaps because it was a first offense?

    Bulldog Owner Sentenced
    A 21-year-old woman whose American bulldog bit and badly injured a woman’s face was sentenced Thursday to four months in jail and 100 hours of community service.

    Bulldog Owner Pleads No Contest
    One of three Sonoma County criminal cases involving dog attacks ended Thursday with a misdemeanor no-contest plea by the owner of an American bulldog that severely bit and damaged a woman’s face last year.

    Emmellia Dale-Pincus, 21, faces a term that could include probation or as long as a year in jail on the misdemeanor count of allowing a vicious animal to roam free. Sentencing is scheduled for next month.

  3. oh yeah, another one of those, it’s not a pit bull dog!

    from pitbullforum:
    Discussion of the bully breeds. American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, etc.

  4. When losing the mauling debate Pit Nutters love to throw out the “There is no such breed” card. Fact is American Bulldogs were officially registered as American Pit Bulldogs until 1970.

    The Bully Breeds have undergone many name changes to try and distance themselves from their British blood sport heritage.

    Adding “American” and “Staffordshire” doesn’t reduce the bodycount.

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