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3 thoughts on “Oklahoma State Legislator to Author Tougher Dog Laws

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  1. Who is this flippant creep? Or err, he must have meant to say: 10 YEARS in jail for a severe attack and 20 YEARS in jail for an attack that resulted in fatalities. This is the hardcore reality of Texan’s “Lillian’s Law.”

  2. I am a “pro-pit” person, I own a Staffie and an AmPit, but I do tend to lean toward extreme punishment for people who are irresponsible – when their dogs (of ANY BREED) attack and seriously injure someone or Heaven forbid actually kill someone, the owner should be held responsible. I believe that if people knew the punishment would be harsh they would think twice about owning dogs they cannot control, or worse, teaching them to be fighters/attackers.

    When strict punishment for irresponsible owners of all breeds is established, the heat gets taken off the “vicous breeds” and place on the bad owner.

    It seems to me to be a vialbe solution to banning a breed of dog for a few idiot owners.

  3. i also lean towards extreme punishment of the owners. but dealing with the aftermath of a vicious dog attack should not be the only focus. we need to work towards prevention. not necessarily bans but mandatory spay/neuter and restrictions on owning these dogs. all pit experts will say, “these dogs are not for everyone” so let’s start weeding these morons out of the dog owning pool.

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