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3 thoughts on “Pit Bull Advocates Intimidate Web Authors and Hide the Truth

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  1. This phenomenon has actually been studied:

    Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners
    Journal Society and Animals
    Publisher Brill Academic Publishers
    ISSN 1063-1119 (Print) 1568-5306 (Online)
    Issue Volume 8, Number 1 / March, 2000
    DOI 10.1163/156853000510970
    Pages 25-52
    Subject Collection Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
    SpringerLink Date Friday, November 12, 2004

    Hillary Twining, Arnold Arluke and Gary Patronek

    Abstract Ethnographic interviews were conducted with 28 pit bull “owners” to explore the sociological experience of having a dog with a negative image. Results indicate that the vast majority of respondents felt that these dogs were stigmatized because of their breed. Respondents made this conclusion because friends, family, and strangers were apprehensive in the presence of their dogs and because they made accusations about the breed’s viciousness and lack of predictability. In the face of this stigma, respondents resorted to using a variety of interactional strategies to lessen the impact of this perception or prevent it from occurring. These strategies included passing their dogs as breeds other than pit bulls, denying that their behavior is biologically determined, debunking adverse media coverage, using humor, emphasizing counter-stereotypical behavior, avoiding stereotypical equipment or accessories, taking preventive measures, or becoming breed ambassadors.

  2. I was wrong, you were right.
    I have been extremely vocal to the owner of this blog about locking people out of the comment section because of the guerrilla tactics they use. My thinking was doesn’t allow us to comment, why should we allow them the opportunity. But now this little gem comes along and I would definitely say that enduring their rants for the last few days paid off.

  3. I strongly disagree with giving these people a voice on this website. They have forums and with their networking and cross posting, they dominate the on line newspapers with their comments. I vote to screen them out completely and delete all of their existing comments.

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