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3 thoughts on “Owners of Dog Killed by Pit Bulls Want Tougher Laws

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  1. Another Pit “Dine and Dash”…

    Gotta wonder how many times a year these dog lovers kill other family’s dogs?

    What cracks me up is that anytime a Pit is killed by a human the Pit Advocates scream bloody murder and demand long sentences…yet they readily accept this type of collateral damage caused by the grotesque dog aggression trait bred into their dogs.

  2. My cat KC was killed by a Pit bull and a Boxer, Oct. 2, 2007
    A Brandy Heckaman, Silverlake IN who runs a bully breed rescue said if I loved my cat so much, I should not of had him outside and if I need another cat the local human shelter would have one for me. very compassionate. When the question of insurance was brought to her attention she said I should take up a hobby rather than bothering loveing pet owners over damn insurance. How would you like to live next door to a bully rescue that doesn’t feel the need to have any insurance? It’s people like her that are causing the insurance to go up ,not people like me.

  3. Tammie said…

    I had a 4 1/2 year old AKC white male pomerian. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old.
    He was like a child of mine and my husband. I have a neighbor who has a pit bull. This dog has broke my fence down 6 times in the last week. I have ask them to fix the matter. Tonight on May 23rd this dog broke down our fence and killed our JC.
    The Montgomery County Law enforcement said they could not help us. The animal control said they could not come out until the next day. And there is a small child in this home . Where can you get help this matters like this ?
    My e-mail is

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