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20 thoughts on “Pit Bulls in Watauga Attack and Kill Another Dog

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  1. I am furious, also. What on earth is wrong with pit bull owners? That man did NOT seem remorseful to me…he did not publicly apologize to the family and agree to have his dogs euthanized. Why do people like this have MULTIPLE pit bulls? What if the child had tried to intervene, tried to save her poor dog?

    Pit bull owners don’t care about the risk to others…they just don’t. Owning this type of dog is clearly worth the risk that the dog will get out someday and maul a neighbors dog. It’s a calculated risk these people are willing to take. Other people’s beloved pets are expendable to most pit bull owners.

    I really think there is a strong anti-social element involved here….the people attracted to these dogs seem to have contempt for the safety of others. As long as their pit bull is affectionate towards them, it doesn’t matter what the dog does to other people.

  2. I agree, many people fit into your category of the anti-social element. But many don’t. There are many owners that are 100% responsible. I also have a generalization. Of all the pitbull(and other breeds)attacks that I have read about, seen on TV or taken care of in the ER….they are ALL low income, ignorant white/black/hispanic trash. Their dogs are not family dogs. These dogs are left to a life of solitude either chained up, kept in a kennel or left in yards unattended(this case), unsocialized, unwanted.

    I love and respect everything about the breed. My dog IS dog aggressive. Therefore I take extra precations with her. I’m educated about pits NOT eduBuckated!!

    Not too long ago pitbulls were America’s family dog and in England considered them the “nanny dog.”

    Everyone PLEASE take time to educate yourself!

  3. Why a “Dog Lover” would place every dog in the neighborhood under such massive risk is beyond me.

  4. Who says they are dog lovers? Dog lovers don’t leave their dogs (pits or not) alone/unattended in the backyard…period!!!!! Dogs are stolen all the time and many dogs-ie terriers, huskies,some hunting dogs are notorious for being escape artists. I hope these pitbull owners are proscuted or sued to the fullest!

  5. i was at just the other day. i watched a 9 min interview on cnn with one of the people from badrap. they have rescued some of vick’s dogs. i was stunned to hear this guy say that these dogs need the same thing that any dog needs. a responsible pit bull person who say they need more! he was demonstrating how dog friendly these former pit fighters were. that’s fine but he should have added that these dogs should never ever be left alone with one another.
    in addition, i didn’t see a single neutered male!!
    how responsible is that?!

  6. To educatedaboutdogs…please leave the pro-pit propaganda at BadRap. Pit bulls were NEVER “America’s family dog”. Below is a study done by Animal People reveals how many times “pit bulls” were mentioned in news paper archives….

    “Newspaper now provides a quick way to check the record, via 28.9 million pages of text-searchable microfilmed newspapers from the 18th century to today. This includes the classified dogs-for-sale ads.

    ANIMAL PEOPLE recently ran searches on 34 dog breeds and breed types for the years 1900-1950, limiting each search to U.S. newspapers only, and adding the word “dog” to each search to avoid pulling up entries for “husky” football players, St. Bernard the Roman Catholic monk, boxers and pugs who were human prizefighters, etc.

    Two breeds hit the NewspaperArchive search engine ceiling of 314,027 mentions, and are asterisked accordingly in the table at right. Huskies in the second quarter of the 20th century were at a peak of popularity, after their heroics in delivering diptheria serum to Nome over the Iditarod Trail in 1927. St. Bernards appear to have been very popular as well.

    The exercise was skewed toward finding more pit bulls rather than fewer, since multiple searches were run to try to find pit bulls under a variety of different names; since searches were not run on every recognized dog breed; since not all mentions of huskies and St. Bern-ards were returned; and since several always rare breeds such as Basenjis were included in the sample, to establish a lower-end benchmark for comparison with the most popular breeds and breed types.

    The sum of pit bull terriers, Staffordshires, and American bulldogs came to 34,770: 1% of the sampling of nearly 3.5 million breed-specific mentions of dogs.”

    So lets please cut the crap about pit bulls being a very popular family dog at the turn of the century. There is no statistical evidence that they were. This is more mythology promoted by the pro-pit lobby, and it hurts the credibility of your otherwise reasonable argument.

  7. So, educatedaboutdogs….I am supposed to feel fine if you move next door to me with your “dog aggressive” pit bull, because you “take precautions”? Mind sharing what those precautions are? Are you infallible? Are you telling me that there is absolutely no chance you or ANY member of your family could ever make a mistake or let their guard down for a minutes? A gate could never be left unlatched, a door could never not shut tight, someone bringing in groceries will never open the door just a little too wide….

    A lot of pit bull owners think they took precautions, and then found out they were only human. I believe the pit bull that killed the neighbor’s (leashed) chihuahua in Sunnyvale’s excuse was that there was a spot in the fence that the dog squeezed out of. I also heard that this “ambasador of the breed” was a Bad Rap dog.

  8. Oh, and one more thing…neither the American Pit Bull Terrier NOR the American Staffordshire Terrier was referred to as the “nanny dog”. That would be the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or the “staffie bull”. These dogs are relatively uncommon here in the US, ranking number 85 on the AKC breed registration list for 2007.

  9. So, dog lover to answer your question…my pit is Schutzhund trained (voice and hand signal). She wouldn’t just run out of the house unless I gave the command to do so. She leaves when I say. Even if she were face to face with another dog she will not hesitate to follow my commands. That’s how well she was trained.

    The precautions I take are directed toward other people walking their dogs off leash or even on leash that feel the need to approach us when I have said that my dog is not dog friendly. My dog will ignore the dog if I give the command. If the other dog approaches aggressively or in a threatening manor-I don’t deny her the right to protect herself and me. I don’t take her to dog parks or let her play freely with dogs I don’t know and/or are not compatible with her.

    It’s too bad about the chihuahua. Pits are terriers. Terriers usually have high prey drives-it’s part of the package and it CAN be controlled. My best friends maltese was killed by a husky. My neighbors cat was killed by another neighbors escaped jack russell. Owners need to know their dogs and be responsible. I wish it were that simple.

  10. The race/economic card?

    “Of all the pitbull(and other breeds)attacks that I have read about, seen on TV or taken care of in the ER….they are ALL low income, ignorant white/black/hispanic trash. Their dogs are not family dogs.”

    “educateaboutdogs,” you are a dying, uneducated breed yourself. Many, white upper and middle class families suffer the same fate:

    Nick Foley, Brook Foley, (and 6 others from the Chicago Pit Bull Rampage Attack) Diane Whipple, Nicholas Scott Faibish, Amber Jones, Mary Diana Bernal, Scott Warren, Tina Marie Canturbury, Tori Whitehurst, Seth Lovitt, just to name a recent few.

    Ask me to keep going along these lines and I will continue…

  11. Pit Bulls do very well in weight pulling and agility competitions. When they break a chain or leap a fence it should surprise no one.

    Special confinement requirements are needed for these dogs, if they are to be kept at all.

    BTW…These british “Nanny Dogs” are now banned in England.

  12. That’s fine….you answered my question. But here is the rub;

    What percentage of pit bull owners out there would you say are involved in advance training..obedience, protection sports like shutzhund or French ring, etc.? I’m not talking about getting a CGC, I am talking about having the level of control that you purport to have over your dog? What percentage of DOG owners in any given community, have 100% solid recall and an absolute “Leave it!” command that their dog will obey without fail? My experience has been that the number of dog owners with that level of control over their dogs is extremely small…and the number of pit bull owners who are able to control their dog with voice commands and hand signals is almost nonexsistent..statistically insignificant. Considering so many bull dog sites recommend using a break stick to separate your dog from another dog, it sounds like voice commands don’t work well with game-bred dogs to begin with.

    I agree, that terriers in general have a high prey drive….can we at least agree that some breeds have breed specific traits that require advanced handling skills? That not all breeds of dogs are suitable for families who want a low maintenance family pet? After all, you didn’t buy a bench bred Lab from service dog lines to do Shutzhund, did you?

    I am not concerned about your Shutzhund trained pit bull….I am more concerned about the clueless, well-meaning suburban family who listens to organizations like Bad Rap and gets a pit bull as a “pet”, only to slip up “just once”, when the kids leave the gate open….and the dog gets out and kills my dog. I have seen a pit bull kill another dog in an unprovoked attack, and the violence and horror of it has haunted me for years. I will NEVER forget the screams of the dying dog as the pit bull hung onto his throat…two grown men beating the pit bull in the head with both fists could not get that “game” dog to let go of the smaller dog.

    And while we are being honest with each other, why don’t we take a long, hard look at WHO is breeding pit bulls….criminals, thugs, losers who lack the education and ability to make an honest living otherwise. The number of reputable hobby breeders breeding APBT’s right now is so small as to be statistically insignificant in relation to the number of pit bulls out there. Google pit bull breeders, or pick up a copy of “Dog Fancy” magazine and see what “element” is breeding these dogs. MANY are being bred for human aggressive temperaments, and are advertised as such .. “protection” dogs. The vast majority of pit bulls are not being bred to be loving, stable family companions…..but these same poorly-bred dogs are ending up at the shelters being marketed as wonderful family pets for novice owners.

    Maybe instead of fighting BSL, you people who want to maintain the right to responsible ownership should look at mandatory s/n and microchip of all non show dogs…maybe you need to stop protecting the bybers and dogfighters and irresponsible losers who own the dogs that create the headlines. If it were my breed being euthanized in shelters in such appalling numbers I would be SCREAMING for mandatory s/n and microchipping of my breed.

    But then again, I love dogs….I don’t have any emotional issues or political agenda, and I don’t enjoy the drama of being part of a “crusade”, and I don’t fantasize that any one breed of dog has mythical, magical qualities that would make me unable to ever own ANY other breed….and I don’t have a Jesus complex where I need to “save” dogs that no one else wants from shelters, despite the fact that they may not be a good or realistic fit for my family.

  13. i know both families in this story….the owner of the pit is devasted what happened to other families dog. his dogs are around family all the time, and are apart of his family too. it was a tragic accident and i believe the dogs won’t be returing to their house out of respect for the other family. my brother as a kid was attacked in the face by our family dog, a springer spaniel…he nearly lost his eye and end of his nose at 8 years old. any kind of dog is capable of this, not just pitts. please remember that, these are not bad people.

  14. Did the owner of the pit ever consider what the repercussions of owning a dog that was selectively bred to kill other dogs might be? Why did he have three pit bulls, two males and a female? Was he planning to make a little extra money on the side by breeding them?

    Why do you consider this a “tragic accident?” It was entirely predictable. These dogs actually went to great lengths to get into a fenced backyard to get at the neighbors dog…’s not the dogs fault. They were bred with that genetic drive….to kill other dogs. That’s what they were created for, and selectively bred for, so that’s what they did.

    When you own a fighting breed, you don’t have the luxury of claiming “you didn’t know” the dog would be a danger to other dogs. You can’t claim that its an “accident” when your pit bull does EXACTLY what he was created to do…kill another dog. I live in a neighborhood full of dogs of various breeds, many of which have gotten loose at one time or another, and there has never been an incident of a dog killing, or even mauling, another dog.

    I’m sure the pit owner is feeling bad for himself, now that he sees the amount of public scorn he has reaped for allowing his dogs to kill his neighbors dog.

  15. dog lover,
    i really appreciate your comments. i have seen only a handful of truly responsible, knowledgeable pit bill owners. i agree, they are statistically insignificant.

    as for the anonymous comment above, i will wait to see just how remorseful and respectful james everett really is. so many times i read that the owner of the aggressor is so upset that their dog would do this and claim to have given up rights to reclaim them after quarantine or say they will never have another dog again only to later fight to get the dog back (zach martin – washington) or get another dog (charles smallwood – tennessee).
    i suspect this is a media show, in hopes that he will not be sued by the ponces or criminally charged.

  16. Part of the deal in receiving Vicks dogs(and the $20Kw/ea) was that the rescue groups have to maintain $1 Million liability insurance on them and not use them for fund raising purposes. Gotta think the PR surge with them is pushing the grey area.

    Noticably absent from these feel good stories was that the fact 15th american in the past 6 months was mauled to death by a pit bull yesterday!

    These folks are the drunk drivers of dog owners.

  17. Wow…I just watched the Bad Rap video. I don’t think I have ever seen a spokesperson for a breed specific rescue group anthropomorphize dogs to that extent….ever. It’s very disturbing. You can’t love a genetic trait out of a dog. It doesn’t work that way.

    I think this sets a very bad precedent…its obvious that dogfighters would be breeding the MOST dog aggressive dogs to the MOST dog aggressive dogs. They are breeding for a specific trait…high levels of dog aggression. For the Bad Rap representative to hint that the dogs are “forced” to fight is simply bizzare, and contradicts a lot of what their own website claims…although they certainly downplay the problem of dog aggression.

    I notice that the age of the dogs was not mentioned; it’s well known that many pit bulls do not develop dog aggressive tendencies until they are fully mature…usually around two or three. It’s unlikely that the dogfighters would be keeping non-dog aggressive dogs around for years. I am guessing that these are younger dogs whose true, adult temperament won’t become apparent for a while. It is also possible that some of these dogs are “dog selective”, and may have gotten along with the foster dogs or the dog in the temperament test, but may develop a strong antipathy toward certain types of dogs in the future…same sex, larger dogs, etc.

    The whole thing seemed deliberately deceptive to me… I was equally shocked at the bold faced lie that pit bulls were the most popular family pet at the turn of the century…the Labrador Retriever of their day”, or however he put it. I do understand how hard it is for folks in the humane community to have to euthanize fighting dogs, or any dogs for that matter. The poor dogs looked pathetic. But that’s no excuse for trying to convince the public that dogs bred to kill other dogs are just like any other dog, and only need some “basic training” and love.

  18. Vick was slaughtering the “curs” and breeding the victors. It’s really no different than the “revered” neanderthal dogmen of yesteryear who developed the breed.

  19. “The city has classified the two pit bulls as “dangerous dogs.” If the owner wants them back, he will have to fulfill a long list of safety requirements”

    It’s too bad the safety requirements weren’t in place BEFORE T-Bone was ripped to shreds.

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