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5 thoughts on “Flashback: What Pit Bull Attack Victims Suffer, Alan Hill

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  1. That’s right. Pit bull owners do NOT like to leave comments on stories about attack victims. What could they possibly write anyway? It’s not that they fail to recognize the damage a pit bull can inflict. They do recognize it! Then they pretend that they don’t…Talk about a giant, invisible rhinoceros in the room.

  2. Some cities that have enacted BSL, require owners of pits or dogs deemed dangerous to carry a $100,000 insurance policy on their dogs to cover any damage they may do. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

  3. April 30,2006 Dolan Springs,Az. I was malicious attached by several Pitt bull dogs which 4 were retrieved .. I was flown to UMC hospital Las Vegas , Nv. Where I spent 33 days ..Owner of dogs served only a year in jail several lawyers dropped the case basically due to as they say "going after a dry well " owner hasn't made restitution in 5 yrs !! Huge chunks of both arms were ripped off and some of my left upper outer thigh .. The suffering I endure basically everyday since 2006 is something that never leaves the memory .. Scars and comments people make when they see me is almost traumatizing it self ..

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