Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Blogger Your Quiet Neighbor  |  11/09/2012 6:15 AM  |  Flag  
The venue for the first-ever Walk for the Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs is under the jurisdiction of an animal "care" center that is failing the taxpayers who fund it. Want proof? Check out the adorable dogs that are up for adoption at:

Blogger Animal Uncontrol  |  11/09/2012 3:32 PM  |  Flag  
These agencies have absolutely turned on us, and it is way past time that we DEMAND that we get some value for our tax dollar: AC agencies must put human health and safety FIRST. We have an absolute RIGHT to that as we PAY THEIR SALARIES.

Currently, AC agencies put the interests of individual dogs ahead of public safety. As long as the dog has what IT wants, it is situation normal! I have heard that, we have ALL heard that!

I am taking my rights back NOW.

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