Monday, October 25, 2010

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OpenID truthbird  |  10/26/2010 10:06 AM  |  Flag  
The infant was transported to Shands after the dog "went after the infant," according to DCF. The department is investigating.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/26/2010 1:48 PM  |  Flag  
Apparently your stats are all wrong. Did you know that in 2008 there were only 8 fatal dog attacks and one of them was carried out by a chihuahua? Yes, this is the truth according to Leona Sheddan, Director of the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Blogger cravendesires  |  10/26/2010 5:02 PM  |  Flag  
this cnn link has a photo of the dog, just in case anyone wants to question its breed.

Blogger snack sized dog  |  10/26/2010 7:25 PM  |  Flag  
No one is unaware that pit bulls DO EXACTLY THIS with regularity.

Blogger Opalina  |  10/26/2010 7:45 PM  |  Flag  
My heart goes out to these parents. I'm sure they believed that the dog was a member of the family, since they had him from puphood. So many pit bull owners love to tell the story of how their pit bull truly does act like a nanny dog with their children, protecting them, sleeping with them, slobbering them with kisses, letting them pull their tails and nip their ears without even so much as a grrr. But then, when something horrendous like this happens, they all blame the parents immediately, saying no dog is is to be trusted around children unsupervised. It is terrible how quickly they will throw fellow pitbull owners under the bus.

And Anonymous,if that is your real name, you should take the time to read through the archives here and read about every fatal dog attack article that is listed here for 2008. It's far more than 8, unfortunately. So unfortunately.

Anonymous bluesmom  |  10/26/2010 9:03 PM  |  Flag  
Anon 1:48
In 2008 there were 6 adults and 9 children killed by pit bulls in the United States, that makes 15 pit bull fatalities in one year. Please do not make false statements and think nobody will check your stats.

Blogger bitbypit  |  10/26/2010 10:10 PM  |  Flag  
We just posted an update to this (in the footnotes). In a related video, Leona Sheddan, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Human Society, states an incredulous falsehood about 2008 dog bite fatalities. Sheddan said there were only 8 fatalities -- as opposed to the documented 23 -- and that the deaths "primarily" affected the elderly and babies. So, 24-year old Kellie Chapman (killed by her own pit bulls), 34-year old Robert Howard (killed by a stray pit bull), 62-year old Chester Jordan (killed by his daughters pit bulls) and 60-year old Gerald Adelmund (killed by his family's pit bulls) never happened? Sheddan also claimed that one of the 2008 victims was killed by a Chihuahua, another falsehood.

Blogger Sniffer  |  10/26/2010 10:14 PM  |  Flag  
That's the funny thing about pit-advocates. They don't think anyone will check the facts.

Silly nutters...

OpenID truthbird  |  10/26/2010 10:23 PM  |  Flag  
Michael Shannon is a neighbor and says he can't imagine what they're going through. "It's sad, really sad." Shannon is a father, too, and also owns a pitbull. He worries this attack will continue to give the breed a bad name. "I have a pitbull. He's the sweetest dog in the world. I have a two-year-old. He plays with it, but it depends on who raises the dog," said Shannon.

I guess fellow pit bull owner (and neighbor) Shannon believes that the father "trained this pit bull to attack!"

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/26/2010 11:02 PM  |  Flag  
Check out this headline!
"Pit bull murders newborn baby"

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/27/2010 12:45 AM  |  Flag  
I'm Anon 1:48 and I was being *sarcastic*, people. Of course I know there were more than 8 fatalities in 2008 and of course I know that none of them involved Chihuahuas. I just wanted to post the link to Sheddan's lies.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/27/2010 1:24 AM  |  Flag  
In the photo, the dog's eyes are back up in its head and/or appear totally ABSENT -- So characteristic of a "pit bull." It's disgusting that mankind created this breed. One could never shoot a photo of any other dog breed depicting these eyes!

Blogger M  |  10/27/2010 8:33 AM  |  Flag  
I am a very new dog owner and I am glad I have found some sites like this one that cut through the propaganda we have been fed over and over about the Pit Bull breed type. I see so many of this type of dog everywhere, especially our local dog parks, that it worries me for my 6 month old puppy (and myself). With all the shows on Animal Planet promoting the breed, and dog lover friends who (though not owning the breed themselves) spew the same lines promoting them as pets I was almost buying it, but there were still the news stories like this one with babies and small children being "killed by the loving family pit bull that had never shown aggression". One story a few years ago locally where the dog attacked several family members for no apparent reason. I can just about guarantee that I get more warnings about my very friendly Border Collie mix having a high activity level because of her genetics than pit bull owners get about their dog's genetic disposition to attack. I have been watching the pit bull shows on Animal Planet and even in those you see people being very careful when these dogs interact with other dogs, and careful in how they approach them. But they are still pawned off to the unsuspecting public as great family dogs, just "not for everyone". My little BC tried to herd me to the door to take her for a walk the other day, I didn't teach her that...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/27/2010 10:31 AM  |  Flag  
Typo...the baby is deceased, not diseased.

Blogger bitbypit  |  10/27/2010 11:45 AM  |  Flag  
Thank you, and please always report typos when you see them.

Blogger Opalina  |  10/27/2010 12:00 PM  |  Flag  
Sorry, Anon. I can "read" your sarcasm when I look back, but you gotta admit, you did a great job of sounding like a pit nutter! :)

Blogger Opalina  |  10/27/2010 12:02 PM  |  Flag  
M, thank you for sharing your story. Very eloquently told. I like the way you point out that the pit bull loving shows tout them as just like every other dog, and then treat them with kid gloves. I also appreciate your observation that you were given a lot of warning about the high activity level of your border collie, because of its breed, and contrasted that with the denial from the pit community that their breeding is something to be concerned about.

Blogger Opalina  |  10/27/2010 12:05 PM  |  Flag  
Excellent point, Truthbird. The neighbor also implies that the pit was not properly trained. Contradiction alert! Either you can train a pit bull to NOT kill infants, or you should never ever ever no natter what leave them alone with infants. Which is it? Their excuses are like jello.

Anonymous FormerOhioGirl  |  10/27/2010 1:41 PM  |  Flag  
He said the agency will want to know if there were other incidents involving children and that dog. He called the incident a tragedy and extended sympathies to the family. Police are also investigating, said spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
The dog, a male named Briggs, was between 1 and 2 years old, said Scott Trebatoski, division director of Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/27/2010 1:43 PM  |  Flag  
Well, which is it, pit nutters? There are hundreds of websites and dog forums where pit bull "experts" will tell you these dogs are "nanny dogs", and are GREAT with children. In fact, I could produce a million testimonials from pit bull owners insisting that pit bulls are SUPERIOR pets with children, more tolerant and patient than any other breed.

So for pit bull owners who "educate" themselves on the internet about the nature of pit bulls, why shouldn't they feel comfortable leaving the baby alone for a few minutes with the dog in the room? These are NANNY DOGS, remember? If its all how you raise them, and you raise your pit bull with love, than why shouldn't you leave the kids alone with him?

Which is it? Why lie to you want to cling too, pit lovers?

Blogger PitBullPushers  |  10/27/2010 2:57 PM  |  Flag  
"I see so many of this type of dog everywhere, especially our local dog parks, that it worries me for my 6 month old puppy (and myself"

M, please be as overprotective as possible with your pup. The maulings of innocent dogs such as yours are widespread and out of control, and you may well be blamed for an unprovoked attack on your dog, and the offending pit bull returned to owner to kill again.

I believe we live in a world right now where pit bull fanatics have taken away our freedoms. It is not safe any more to go for a walk or go to the park.

I do recommend bombproof fencing, and scheduled play activites with your friends and their dogs rather than submit your pet to whatever pit bull happens by. The owners of pit bulls cannot control them, and pit bulls are even killing other dogs while leashed.

Pit bulls are intentionally bred to attack and kill other pets. This is the "work" they were and are bred for.

Blogger PitBullPushers  |  10/27/2010 3:02 PM  |  Flag  
Also please contact Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet (owned by Discovery) with your concerns

It is inexusable that this woman is using Animal Planet to help dog fighters and pit bull breeders to not only hurt people and pets like yours but pit bulls too, particularly when the KKK has had links to pit bull breeding and fighting for many years in this country.

It could be that the influence of Jane Saul Berkey is clouding Kaplan's judgment.

Blogger PitBullPushers  |  10/27/2010 3:04 PM  |  Flag  
anon, 1;48, I got your sarcasm about that ridiculous lie by animal control.

If you or anyone else is interested, please send information about fabrications and deceptions like this to my blog. I am collecting the information.

Also any personal experiences.

Blogger Don B.  |  10/27/2010 3:49 PM  |  Flag  
Thanks to DBO for providing a place with accurate stories on an American epidemic. Pit bulls are completely out of control.

The only thing I agree with pit bull nutters about is that man is the problem. The difference is that I don't blame all of this on the individual owner, I blame it on the dogmen who created this Canine Frankenstein over thousands and thousands of very selective breedings. Again, pit bulls do things that wolves in the Canadian Rockies don't. Wolves won't fight to the death. Pit bulls will.

Truly amazing what man has created in American Pit Bull Terriers.

Anonymous FormerOhioGirl  |  10/27/2010 5:16 PM  |  Flag  
A classic comment left at one article:

But according to the midgets
By Underbite | 10/27/10 - 07:58 am

But according to the midgets on Pit Boss, Pit bulls are just misunderstood dogs.

Blogger Watcher  |  10/27/2010 5:39 PM  |  Flag  
I don't feel sorry for these parents. They knew the risk with this dog and chose to ignore the facts. I hope they remember for the rest of their lives what their child looked like ripped to shreds. These morons don't deserve children. For individuals who have never seen what a human being looks like after one of these attacks I can tell you they are horrible. It's too bad the general public can't take a look and have pictures of the body posted on pit bull central.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/27/2010 7:27 PM  |  Flag  
The people who say "never leave a child unsupervised with ANY dog" are people who have never had children. As a mother and a dog owner, I can tell you it is realistically impossible in any normal family to make sure a child is NEVER unsupervised with the family dog, unless the dog is kept in a crate in the basement all day. Remember, millions of children grow up with dogs in the home, and are never hurt. I can think of literally a hundred friends, family members, neighbors, and aquaintences who have raised dogs and kids together and never had a problem.

It is delusional to think that you can treat a dog as a member of the family, let it live in the house with you, and never have it alone with children for short periods of time here and there...are you going to take the dog into the toilet with you? What happens if the doorbell rings and you leave the room to answer the door? Do you chain the dog to your belt as you do laundry, cook, clean, and move around your home? People don't live that way in the real world.

Telling people that they can NEVER leave a dog and child unsupervised is a diversionary tactic used by pit bull apologists to deflect blame and excuse the behavior of aggressive pit bulls. The reality is, if you can't trust the dog in your home with your kids, you should NOT have that dog.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/27/2010 8:21 PM  |  Flag  
What a happy family photo! (except for the dead infant)

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/28/2010 2:14 AM  |  Flag  
Arrogance killed this child.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/28/2010 2:39 AM  |  Flag  
Defective Nanny list 2006 to present:

Justin Valentin
4 days old/Arlington FL
October 24, 2010
Family Pit Bull

Jason Walter
7 years old/La Salle IL
August 25, 2010
Mother’s boyfriends Pit Bulls

Jacob Brisbee
2 years old/Concord CA
July 22, 2010
Grandfather’s breeding business

Savannah Gregg
9 years old/ Kokomo IN
June 3, 2010
Family pit bull

Nathan Aguirre
2 years old/San Bernardino CA
May 27, 2010
Family pit bull

Thomas James Carter Jr.
7 days old/Port Richey FL
April 14, 2010
Family pit bull

Jane Doe
5 days old/Conyers GA
February 23, 2010
Family pit bull

Anastasia Bingham
5 years old/Terry MS
February 12, 2010
Neighbor’s pit bull /dog fighting operation

Omar Martinez
3 years old/Apple Valley CA
January 9, 2010
Family pit bull

Destiny Marie Knox
16 months old/Union County MS
November 5, 2009
Baby sitter’s pit bull

Matthew Clayton Hurt
2 years old/Prescott AR
October 28, 2009
Neighbor’s breeding business

Colten Smith
19 months old/Delhi CA
October 23, 2009
Baby sitter’s pit bulls

Jasmine Deane
23 months old/Orange County VA
September 27, 2009
Family pit bull

John Doe
3 days old/Rio WV
August 15, 2009
Family pit bull

Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage
3 years old/Johnson City IL
June 27, 2009
Family pit bull during visitation

Justin Clinton
10 years old/Leverett’s Chapel TX
June 15, 2009
Neighbor’s breeding business

Leonard Lovejoy Jr.
11 months old/Eastpointe MI
April 22, 2009
Family dog

Izaiah Gregory Cox
7 months old/San Antonio TX
March 31, 2009
Grandmother’s Pit Bulls

Tyson Miller
18 months old/Luling TX
March 26, 2009
Pregnant female Pit Bull

Cheyenne Peppers
5 years old/Thomasville GA
January 6, 2009
Family breeding operation

Alexander Adams
2 years old/Las Vegas NV
November 26, 2008
Family dog

Lopeka Liptak
2 months old/Waianae HI
October 5, 2008
Family pit bull

Katya Todesco
5 years old/Simi Valley CA
September 26, 2008
Neighbor’s pit bull

Cenedi Kia Carey
4 months old/Las Vegas NV
September 12, 2008
Family pit bull

Isis Krieger
6 years old/Anchorage AK
August 14, 2008
Family pit bull/US Army dependent, Father flown home from Iraq to handle mortuary affairs

Tony Evans Jr.
3 years old/Jackson MS
June 22, 2008
Neighbor’s pit bull

Pablo Lopez(Hernandez)
5 years old/Weslaco TX
June 18, 2008
Family pit bull/DCPS Placement

Joshua Tanner Monk
7 years old/Breckenridge, TX
May 18, 2008
Neighbor’s breeding business

Julian Slack
3 years old/ Camp Lejeune, NC
May 14, 2008
Friend’s pit bull staying in base housing

Holden Jernigan
2 years old/Summerville, SC
December 13, 2007
Grandmother’s pit bull

Seth Lovitt
11 years old/Killeen TX
November 7, 2007
Mother’s pit bull/military dependent, Father flown home from Korea to handle mortuary affairs

Scott Warren
6 years old/Dallas TX
August 31, 2007
Family pit bull

Zachary King JR.
7 years old/ Minneapolis MN
August 16, 2007
Family breeding business

Sabin Jones-Abbott
6 years old/Bath NY
June 27, 2007
Family pit bull

Dandre Fisher
3 years old/Hunter Army Airfield GA
May 26, 2007
Neighbor’s pit bull/base housing

Brian Palmer
1 year old/Charleston SC
April 27, 2007
Family pit bull

Carolina Sotello
2 years old/Combine TX
March 23, 2007
Family breeding business

Robynn Bradley
2 years old/Lithonia GA
February 16, 2007
Family pit bull

Amber Jones
10 years old/San Antonio TX
January 12, 2007
Neighbor’s pit bull

Pedro Rios
4 years old/Pasadena TX
November 21, 2006
Ownership details not available

Allen L. Young
22 months old/Bamberg SC
October 4, 2006
Family pit bull

Mireya Puga Davila
3 years old/Hargill TX
July 25, 2006
Family breeding business

Javelin Anderson
15 months old/Conehatta MS
June 17, 2006
Family pit bull/broke chain

Cody Adair
4 years old/Bartlesville OK
January 3, 2006
Uncle’s pit bull

Blogger snack sized dog  |  10/28/2010 10:03 PM  |  Flag  
I so agree with Anon 7:27.

All these warnings that you can't ever have dogs with kids is just a made up rule to serve pit bulls and it's insane when you think about real house pet dogs.

"It is delusional to think that you can treat a dog as a member of the family, let it live in the house with you, and never have it alone with children for short periods of time here and there.."

Yes, yes, yes. I grew up with dogs from birth. I was the oldest and watched my siblings grow up with the dogs too. My mother told me about the danger of the poopy diaper, and no newborn was left alone with a dog. But apart from that, our dogs were our companions.

If you listened to the pit bull propaganda, dogs would never have been allowed in any home
-children can't be left alone because the dog might attack
-dogs must always be supervised because the dog might attack
-you can't have food around a dog because the dog might attack
-if you trip over a dog, it might attack
-if the dog doesn't understand what you're doing, it might attack
-if the dog is exposed to something novel, it might attack
-if the dog becomes overstimulated, it might attack
-if the environment changes the dog might attack

no, no, no. the reason we take dogs into our homes is because they can adapt to human life.

Dogs would never have been allowed into our homes in the first place if the dog's tie to us was so tenuous that we had to walk on eggshells to simply keep from being attacked.

Anonymous Prevent the Deed. Sterilize the Seed.  |  10/29/2010 4:56 AM  |  Flag  
The usual pit nutters are at it again! They are spreading all their overplayed myths about "nanny dogs" and "labs bite more kids per year" on all the Readers' Comments sections of websites that carry this story. These pittards are also very active on FaceBook right now spewing lies. Please help combat the pittards by presenting pitbull bite statistics!

Anonymous Prevent the Deed. Sterilize the Breed!  |  10/29/2010 5:17 AM  |  Flag  
Here's another news story where the pit nutters spammed the Comments section with outrageous lies! A pair of pitmonsters broke into a house trying to attack an infant and killed that family's chihuahua which was defending the kid.

Read the comments. The stuff that pit nutters say are simply disgusting (including the typical blaming the victim lines! It's unbelievable to logical people that anyone can even say such boldfaced b.s.! But then, the pittards do live in a fantasy world, don't they?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/29/2010 8:16 AM  |  Flag  
I looked again at the picture of the dog. I wonder if the police asked where they got the pup? Who bred this dog? The size of this dog's head makes me wonder how close it was to a fighter. Anyway this information the police should acquire. The vast majority of the time where the dog or pup came from is never known. The breeder (if there are any truly legitimate AmPBT breeders) should be informed of the killing.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/30/2010 9:35 AM  |  Flag  
I so agree with Anon 8:16. We need to start demanding that owners divulge where the dog came from...was it a "rescue"? Was it a breeder? If there is an investigation as to the possibility of charges against the parents, lets hear where dad got his muscle dog. If dad got his pit bull from a "breeder" at, say, "Chainsaw Kennels", whose website depicts snarling pits with spike collars and obscenity laden rap music...then I would discount his assertion that he had the dog as a "loving family pet". The parents should be charged with manslaughter. If the dad got his pit bull from a rescue that guaranteed that pit bulls are "nanny dogs" who are GREAT around kids, then the rescue group should face charges.

The sourse of the dog MATTERS, and reporters and LEOs should start asking the question.

Blogger P.  |  10/30/2010 10:07 PM  |  Flag  
Remember the fatality in San Bernardino City where the pit nutter had the nutter magazine poster on his front window. Also he got the pit from Muscoy, a well known place for fighting pits. Yet the police in SB City said it was an "accident" and didn't file charges. What are you to do?

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