Friday, September 24, 2010

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Blogger Donnie Brasco  |  9/24/2010 3:29 PM  |  Flag  
Great blog! Keep up the fine work. I continually send those in need of information to your website/blog. Awesome.

Blogger cravendesires  |  9/24/2010 11:33 PM  |  Flag  
great job on maul talk manual., some one is incorporating our work into a facebook. next stop hubpages.

the tide is turning:)

Blogger Dorothea Malm  |  9/25/2010 12:40 AM  |  Flag  
This is a fantastic resource. I am glad you are soliciting submissions.

This is a great resource for people who have been victimized by pit bulls who may have been jolted by reading maul talk about their own experience.

As horrifying as your experience was, you will read that it was your fault and that your attacker is really a universally loved kitten and those statements will be defended by a hundred anonymous strangers in a comments section.

You must know this is what happens to every victim, and that every single word directed toward you is a hollow repetition from unfeeling pit owners that completely disregards you and the very real devastation of the attack. It is maul talk.

Blogger april 29  |  9/25/2010 2:44 PM  |  Flag  
Thank you Dorothea! I experienced exactly what you described. After a horrific attack, the last thing I expected was to be blamed for it, and pay the bills for it as well. The practice of blaming the victim is very hurtful and happens at a time when you simply do not have the ability to deal with it.

Blogger Dark  |  9/25/2010 5:05 PM  |  Flag  
That was also my experience, as well as running into a wall of apathy from law enforcement and the judicial system until I made enough noise that they could no longer ignore me. Right after the attack, I didn't have the strength to fight, and it was a very dark time.

The people of Dogsbite gave me the education, resources, and emotional support to do what I needed to do. To this day, misguided people will sometimes ask me what I did to "provoke" the attack. The answer is always the same. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the violent genetic heritage of the dogs manifested itself. It's my hope that this resource will save others from the darkest of the dark days after their attack, and they will realize that they are being targeted by insecure, small minded people who need a dog to prop up their own crippled senses of self.

Blogger Opalina  |  9/26/2010 8:02 AM  |  Flag  
Great work, Colleen. It was very unnerving reading this article. It is so true that if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes truth - I truly believe that many pit nutters believe the lies. What I also find sickening is that they always say,"Do the research," and then point to some blog that simply regurgitates their myths and lies, as if that is research. Of course they often point to Karen Delise, and we all know what a joke she is as an authority on the truth of pit bulls. This blog combined with CravenDesire's new mythbuster blog are incredible resources for the actual truth that is actually based on real research, not talking points.

All of your stories above have brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to you, and Colleen I am so grateful to you for giving other victim's a voice, and for your determination and will to suffer the slings and arrows of the pit nutter crowd in order to get the truth out there.

God Bless you all!

Blogger Bagheera Kiplingi  |  9/28/2010 3:30 PM  |  Flag  
Awesome work, this is a good way to kill an hour.

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