Saturday, May 22, 2010

Germany: Four Staffordshire Bull Terriers Kill 3-Year Old Child

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Staffordshire terriers kill child in GermanyBerlin, DE - It was reported Saturday that four Staffordshire bull terriers mauled a 3-year old girl to death and badly injured the girl's great-grandmother, who tried to rescue her. Authorities said that prosecutors opened an investigation for negligent homicide against the dogs' owner, the girl's aunt. The great-grandmother and the child were visiting the aunt in her home in Oldisleben-Sachsenburg in Thuringia when the incident occurred.
"The girl's great-grandmother, who desperately tried to save the child by stepping between her and the dogs, was also badly injured in the attack, the Associated Press reports.
Police say the girl and her 70-year-old great grandmother were visiting the child's aunt on Friday evening in the central state of Thuringia and were inside the house when the attack occurred.
The Staffordshire bull terriers, who each weighed 30kg to 40 kgs, rushed inside the home without warning and pounced on the girl.
Veterinarian Gunter Wolf said the dogs had bitten the girl's head "very aggressively" until moments before her death.
The girl's great grandmother was unable to pull off the dogs and it was not until her aunt rushed into the house that they were brought under control.
The girl died before she could be taken to hospital. She was due to celebrate her fourth birthday next week.
Police said the dogs were not registered as is required by law in Germany for dangerous animals.
Prosecutors are investigating whether the aunt could be charged with negligent homicide over the fatal attack.
The dogs have since been destroyed by authorities."
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  2. The poor child and her great grandmother who had to witness such a terrible thing! My prayers go out to the family. The word needs to be spread. There is no difference between a Staffordshire bull terrier and a pit bull. It's just more of the same name game the breeders have been playing for years to disguise the origins and dangers of their money makers.

  3. ANOTHER innocent child? This is insane!

  4. Deadly fighting dogs have been kept illegally
    22nd May 2010 - The four dogs that have bitten to death in Thuringia, a three-year-old girl, were not reported to the authorities. Thuringia has a regulation for dangerous dogs...

  5. The neighbors knew that this women was breaking the law with these dogs. They could have reported her. They didn't.

    Now a child has died. They could have saved this child's life simply by doing what was obvious- reporting the situation.

    It is also fairly clear that with 4 of these dogs, this woman was running an illegal breeding operation, and since they weren't licensed, it's evident she wasn't paying taxes on the money.

    The situations with these dogs needs to get reported, or human fatality is the end result.


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