Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/16/2008 7:31 PM  |  Flag  
Classic! This just shows you how out of touch pit bull owners really are. They can't even bother to know and follow the laws they protest.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/16/2008 8:08 PM  |  Flag  
Brian Powers for President---Forget Mcain and Obama---this guy
cares about people first! Fear in politics is not a part of this man.

Anonymous Dee  |  7/16/2008 8:29 PM  |  Flag  
Caught red handed and in a red hat! I love it! Powers has these pit bull owners nailed. What a smart move to have them checked out for compliance.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/16/2008 9:31 PM  |  Flag  
"These regulations only punish responsible, law abiding pit bull owners."

Exactly what you'd expect to hear from an irresponsible, law breaking pit bull owner.

"You're going to chase all these good citizens out of here."

Hmmm. Promise?

Anonymous David  |  7/16/2008 10:02 PM  |  Flag  
"Only law abiding citizens allowed to speak here."

That should be the sign on the door.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/17/2008 12:15 AM  |  Flag  

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/17/2008 3:43 AM  |  Flag  
"You're going to chase all these good citizens out of here."

I think most folks would be quite happy if uninsured fighting breed fanciers didn't live in their neighborhood!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/17/2008 4:50 AM  |  Flag  
Meanwhile, the Pit Nutters tried to have this broadcaster silenced:

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/17/2008 3:12 PM  |  Flag  
These idiots are a perfect example of why a complete Ban is required.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile! I can't believe someone could see all the six figure maulings and not carry insurance.

Pit owners are truly the drunk drivers of the dog owning world.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/17/2008 8:37 PM  |  Flag  
Another uninsured and unregistered Pit attacks a kid in Toledo. You would think the nutters would be on their best behavior...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/22/2008 3:51 AM  |  Flag  
Update: Ban passes with only one City Council member voting against it.

Message to the Pit Bull counter-culture: "We don't believe you!"

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