Friday, June 13, 2008

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Anonymous blue'smom  |  6/14/2008 6:35 AM  |  Flag  
The "responsible pit bull owner" featured in this news clip is clearly non compliant with her local law. Lakewood requires a muzzle on all pits and she chose a "Gentle Leader" instead. This equipment offers absolutely no protection from an attack. If this is the best they can do for a "responsible pit bull owner" it's just sad.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  6/14/2008 11:27 AM  |  Flag  
It's generally accepted that genetics play a massive role in dogs bred for complex behaviors such as pointing, retreving and herding. Yet, the Pit Bull lobby wants us to believe that genetics plays no role in the outrageous and sustained maulings inflicted on humans, other dogs and livestock by these creatures.

The problem is that many simpleton pit bull owners buy into the "It's the owner" lie, then subsequently don't safeguard the public from their bull baiter.... It's a vicous cycle!

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