Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/15/2008 6:04 PM  |  Flag  
Texas led the nation in dog related fatalities in 2007. Let's hope convictions under Lillian's law serves as a deterent to the dangerous dog owning subculture.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  2/16/2009 7:31 AM  |  Flag  
Did this woman ever face justice?

Can't seem to find any media coverage about a trial or whether charges were dropped.

Lillian's Law seems to have little effect in preventing dog attacks, especially when the DA's don't aggressively pursue charges.

What is going on in Texas? It is almost as if prosecutors don't know the law exists.

Anonymous Trigger  |  2/16/2009 12:23 PM  |  Flag  
It's unclear what's going on in Texas. I did hear recently, however, that the DA that was "aggressively" pursuing prosecution against a rott mauling dumped the case! Here it is:

Dog mauling case on DA’s backburner
Late last week, rumors were rife throughout Bandera County that 216th District Attorney Bruce Curry had declined to present a felony dog mauling that occurred last October to a grand jury.

As the story was circulated, his decision was allegedly based on the extent of the injuries suffered by the victim and the difficulty in proving the owner of the dogs had been criminally negligent.

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