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11 thoughts on “Preliminary Hearing of Former Police Officer Whose 'Personal' Dual-Certified K-9 Killed a Man and Injured a Woman

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  1. Even a child would know that that fence would not contain a dog like this. And Geiger was clearly leaving this dangerous dog alone outside all the time.

    The writing was on the wall.

    Having these aggressive dogs is a status symbol for psychopaths. They aren't and will never be pets. And the town that let him take this dog from them and rip off their citizens is to blame too.

  2. So the dog got out earlier the same day and instead of putting them in the secure kennel he left them loose in the same unsecured yard? Stupid…

  3. Lucu Lencia – We had to edit that part. We don't know how many times the dogs escaped on Dec. 13. We had initially thought the mailman menace occurred in the morning. But it actually happened at noon and the fatal attack occurred at 1:15pm. So that question is murky. We found no information in media reports to clear it up either.

  4. Here in Tucson, there was a personal injury case involving a retired K9. The dog attacked a man and he had to have a leg amputated. I seem to recall that the man won his case.

  5. EVERYONE whose dog kills someone should go to jail, period. There is just no excuse for the level of gross negligence it takes to get someone killed with your dog.

  6. Sarah, I'm SO sorry for your loss. Like pit bulls, trained police dogs are NOT pets they are WEAPONS and should be treated as such. The public DESERVES protection from these animals and their typically low knowledge, incompetent owners. Do we have to wait until a Congressman or his/ her kid gets mauled before something is done?

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