Friday, January 18, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/18/2008 1:21 PM  |  Flag  
BEAST? BEAST!? Good grief!

Anonymous schultz  |  1/18/2008 2:30 PM  |  Flag  
i would like to think that these kids were throwing a ball FOR the dog and not AT the dog. i have a hard time feeling any sympathy for people who have been bitten as a result of teasing or hurting a dog - or a tiger that matter. i really hope that isn't the case here.

Anonymous Jersygurl  |  1/18/2008 9:46 PM  |  Flag  
Speaking of the tiger mauling case, the fatality victim's family recently hired Cardoza. Cardoza and Geragos are great buddies - each LIME LIGHT SEEKING and each DEFENSE attorneys with little civil experience, much less animal experience. They are going to take the city of SF down for all that they can.

I do believe the city zoo is responsible, given the height of the wall was below standards. However, when it comes to explosive punitive damages, I hope the the two brothers don't get it (though I hope the fatality victim's family does!). It seems clear as a bell the boys were messing with that tiger.

Every photo that is published about them -- they look guilty. The press knows this (which is why they use these photos) and the public knows it too. These two brothers are unsympathetic for sure...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/01/2008 10:59 PM  |  Flag  
From a parent's perspective- nothing in the world could ever prepare you for all that is involved when your child is mauled by a dog. I hope your child is okay and on the healing side of this horrific nightmare. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Recovery from something like this is a long haul I wish you the best in your child's recovery process.

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