2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Oklahoma Woman Killed by Pit Bull in Her Home

Nellie Davis, 61-years old, was killed by her granddaughter's pet pit bull.Insights from Behaviorists DogsBite.org along with commenters have become alarmed at the misleading rationale that a "normal" response by a "noise-sensitive" dog is to attack and kill a family member when under the duress of loud sounds, like the crack of thunder. It is even more disconcerting that a police captain is echoing this false rationale provided by the dog's owner. One wonders if the dog h… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Oklahoma Man Killed by Two Pit Bulls

From left: First responders to dog attack, Judy Boone, Kenneth Golden and Ryan Matlock. DNA Confirmation UPDATE 08/17/12: DNA results show that blood found on two pit bulls captured at the mauling scene matched the victim, according to Sheriff's Investigator Nathan Calloway.1 James Hurst died shortly after arriving at the hospital due to his grievous injuries. The two pit bulls had a history of escaping their yard a few houses down from the Hurst home. District Attorney Em… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Ardmore Man Mauled to Death by Chained Pit Bull

From left: breeding bitches with docked tails, blood spattered porch and neighbor. Dog Owners Convicted UPDATE 09/28/11: A Carter County jury took just three hours to convict a couple of charges in connection to the dog mauling death of Virgil Cantrell. Rickey Lynn Grant and his wife, Lisa Kay Bloxham-Grant, were convicted with ownership of a dangerous dog causing the death of a person. The jury's sentencing recommendation was that each pay a $5,000 fine. This is a far lower… [Read full blog post]

Villa Teresa School Run by Carmelite Sisters Suffers Series of Vandalism

From left: Sister Veronica Higgins of Villa Teresa School and images of vandalism. Classrooms "Demolished" Oklahoma City, OK - One week after the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled in favor of Villa Teresa School, challenging validity of a kennel license held by Kenneth Gonzales, owner of a neighboring pit bull terrier kennel (See: Coverage of Catholic Sisters Seeking to Remove Pit Bull Kennel), Villa Teresa School was ransacked. Parts of the school are described as "d… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Rottweilers at Home One Day Kill Baby on Iowa Tribal Land

Justin Lopez, 9-months old, was killed by two rottweilers near Perkins. Two Rottweilers UPDATE 03/11/10: The Journal confirms the breed of dog that killed a 9-month old child: Two adult rottweilers. A source close to the family said the dogs had been brought into the home Sunday night, reports The Journal. Just hours later, the little boy crawled out of his crib and was killed by the animals. The child's mother, Stephanie Easley, was at work at the time of the incident. Easley w… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Rescue or Hoarding? In Pottawatomie County, They Appear Equivalent

From left: Dana Dethrow, tree-lock device, "rescued" pit bull and Chris Thomas.From left: Water bowl, dog house, Lori Roach and a pit bull stuck in a tree. Fox 25 Follow Up UPDATE 08/21/09: On Wednesday, Fox 25 News ran a follow up story about pit bull "rescuer" Dana Dethrow in Shawnee. Dethrow previously told reporters that each of her 15 chained up pit bulls had a 5 gallon bucket that gets rinsed out and refilled everyday. Neighbors, however, told reporters a different story i… [Read full blog post]