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17 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Girl Killed by Pit Bulls in Topeka, Kansas

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  1. I can only believe it is another pit bull attack when there is this much obfuscation involved in not naming the breed or showing a photo.

  2. When sociopaths and their friends in the media engaged in a marketing campaign and created a cult of Pit Bull, the most astonishing thing is that people are actually willing to sacrifice their own children to worship the cult.

    What mother or father would allow a fighting breed to come anywhere near their home with children?

    Of course when shelters, breeders, and media intentionally lie and deny the fighting & violence characteristics of the pit bull breeds, they commit consumer fraud and get people killed.

    • Shelters need to be held accountable. This needs to stop. And the shelters should not be off the hook for putting faulty animals out into the public.

    • Attention please! Calling all personal injury lawyers! We need you to hold the shelters and rescues accountable.

  3. So isn't this highly suspicious? I mean, when you can't find your kid don't you check all over the house and garden first? Shouldn't the parents have seen the kid in the yard before they reported her missing?

    • Seems the parents were split up. The dad fell asleep with the baby. The babysitter was out. She owned the two dogs. Her name is Margaret Jaramillo. She has "no idea how the dogs…" You know the rest.

  4. The clan has had a lengthy history of fighting with the local and county governments. Inspection problems, tax issues, very aggressive.

  5. The shelters are certainly to blame for much of this, but keep in mind that MOST of the pit bulls in households right now cam from BREEDERS (including dog fighters who sell on the side.)

    The breeders took advantage of the marketing and protection lobby that pit bull advocacy brought them, and their numbers skyrocketed to take advantage of the created fad. Pit bull breeders are selling massive numbers of these dogs through facebook, craigslist, the endless online breeder websites, classified ads, on street corners!

    For example, the woman in Colorado who was recently killed by her pit bulls. Both came from a breeder. The child in Maine? A pit bull breeder family.

    Most pit bulls are purchased from breeders, and remember that the cast offs that end up in the shelters? They ALL originated from breeders.

    Breeders are among the least regulated but most problematic industries in the country, thanks to their truly rabid lobbying.

  6. Wow. I just watched the whole 10-minute interview with the father. He is obviously feeling deeply and genuinely distressed, but all the same he opens his 10-minute speech first and foremost with defense of pit bulls. A couple minutes in, he says he doesn't even judge the two pit bulls that killed his daughter.

    The rest of the interview is a curious mix of what seem like this man's own genuine thoughts and feelings interspersed here and there with a sudden cliche that cant possibly be his own genuine invention, but is what he's been taught he should say and feel. Eg: "Let's not mourn tonight, but rather celebrate her life." Eg, he'd like to drag the owner of the pit bulls down the street in a cage, but again says no 'beautiful' animal like a pit bull should be caged — the 'it's all on the owner, never on the pit bull' cliche.

    Who taught him these things? Dr Phil for one, who is a child advocate but refuses to address the epidemic of pit bull type dogs mauling and killing children. Much more of course the entire pit bull propaganda machine that has professional tobacco lobbyists working day and night for them, as well as an obsessed New York literary agent; the entire range of corrupted 'animal welfare' and 'humane' societies whose only goal nowadays is to pimp for pit bulls even as those torture 40,000 normal animals to death yearly; the many academics who are now whoring to the pit bull lobby's money; the whole hip-hop / rap music scene that says anyone who wants to be cool has to own and pimp for pit bulls; Hollywood stars like Bullock, Bacon, Theron (to say nothing of brown-noser DeGeneris, who gives these vanity-ridden actors a platform).

    It looks to me like this man genuinely loved his daughter and did his best for her, but that he was unable to resist the normative social pressure from both the propaganda machine and his peers. It's intolerable that these affluent people living in their cushy worlds, members of the 1%, are free to victimize people like this man — and more yet children like his daughter. They are establishing fashion norms that serve their own vanity, knowing all the while that they are complicit in the killing this man's daughter and tens of other children every year.

    It really is time for the law to provide strong normative counter-pressure by banning the entire class of pit bull type dogs (including all their mixes and derivatives) and strictly enforcing those bans.

  7. Why am I not surprised a shelter pit killed this sweet innocent child? Those places need to be charged and held accountable for the vicious dogs they're selling. I bet they listed it as being harmless.

  8. Im sorry that this happened this makes me upset. An feel bad for her dad. Idk what i would so if my child was found dead..i dont have kids im 15 but im just saying when i get older… but anyways this is really upsetting.. there was a little girl that went missing when she got off the bus

  9. Did you see the comments on this thread?

    It might be good to get screenshots of the comments made by the man claiming to be Margaret's son (not sure I have the technology to do so at the moment or if they would even post here). He seems to have a lot of knowledge of the dogs, Too Short (the male who was "blue and white") and the female he didn't trust who was red. He said she was younger than the male and came from an abusive home; they hadn't had her long. He literally calls her questionable and says he would put his money on her being the killer, but insists Too Short was a "sweat" dog who played with his child all summer without incident.

    He also spouts additional ignorance about pits. Horribly sad.

  10. Sorry but this man KNEW these dogs were vicious. They tried to unload these dogs on someone who told them to pick the dogs back up in an hour. AGGRESSIVE.

    And all the father wants to do, it seems, is talk about beautiful FIGHTING dogs.

    He talked more about the fighting breeds than the child.

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