2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 56-Year Old Man Killed by Daughter's Six Pit Bulls

From left: Johnny Wilson's home and neighbor Avantis Smith. Mislabeling Alert1 UPDATE 01/18/10: Despite the Chicago Police Department identifying the dogs as pit bulls, director Cherie Travis is now intentionally misleading the media, the citizens of Chicago and the entire U.S. public by stating that the dogs are actually "mixed breed," but she couldn't name the breeds until further evaluation. Travis is clearly a pit bull apologist placing the "protection" of the pit… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Foster Family's Rottweiler

Alex Angulo, 4-years old, was killed by at least one of his foster family's rottweilers. Foster Families May Face New Rules UPDATE 01/14/09: In response to the recent dog mauling death of 4-year old Alex Angulo by his foster family's rottweiler, Rep. Rosemary Mulligan (R-Des Plaines) said the Illinois House committee that oversees the Department of Children and Family Services might consider tough legislation outlawing dangerous dogs in foster homes. DCFS officials ar… [Read full blog post]