Founder Colleen Lynn Reflects Upon Four Year Anniversary of Her Attack

Attack Date: June 17, 2007 - It's not easy to write about your own violent dog attack. Who could know this better than I do, the voice of Usually, I write in third person, but not today. Four years ago today, an event forever altered my life, including all of the environments, activities and personal and business relationships within it. The event was an unprovoked assault by a leashed pit bull on a public street. At the time, I was just a few blocks away… [Read full blog post]

The Google Search Story of

View Larger Video - Back in February, Google ran a popular ad during the 44th Super Bowl called Parisian Love. The ad had been on YouTube for over three months prior to the Super Bowl and had received such a positive reaction that Google decided to share it with a wider audience. Google also created an application so that Internet users could create their own Search Story. Though limited to only seven field boxes, in which to type text into, the tool delivers notable… [Read full blog post]

Proactive Dog Policy: Why Seattle Needs It

Seattle, WA - On March 4th, 2008, the founder of, Colleen Lynn, submitted a white paper to Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess. The paper examines the nationwide pit bull problem, Seattle's pit bull problem and the pit bull breed itself. It also offers solutions that other U.S. cities have found effective in preventing future victims, while simultaneously protecting pit bull dogs. View full paper:Proactive Dog Policy: Why Seattle Needs It Highlights of the… [Read full blog post]