Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Two Fighting Pit Bulls Shot Dead at Dulles

"Very Violent Fight" Dulles, VA - It was reported on Thursday that a pair of large male pit bulls (most likely "game bred" pit bulls, specifically bred for dogfighting) were shot and killed by police in a Dulles Airport cargo facility. Both dogs "broke out" of their kennels and began attacking each other in what was described as a "very violent fight." Despite the many questions the incident raises, such as, "Were the dogs being shipped to Korea for dogfighting?" Airport autho… [Read full blog post]

Another Vick Dog Dies, Former Sports Illustrated Cover Model

RIP Sweet Jasmin Baltimore, MD - Back in March, Best Friends Animal Society nearly lost one of the 21 pit bulls they received in the Michael Vick arrangement after it ingested a toy. The dog, Denzel, next suffered from a post-operative infection. A month earlier, Best Friends announced that Bonita, another of their Vick dogs, died during a dental surgery. Due to "anesthesia complications," the dog never woke up. This Tuesday, Sweet Jasmin, yet another former Vick dog, was st… [Read full blog post]

Collection of Best Friends Animal Society Related Posts - DogsBite.org

Best Friends shamelessly "merchandised" the Vick dogs after receiving them. DogsBite.org - We've gathered a collection of posts that relate to our coverage of Utah-based fighting dog advocates, Best Friends Animal Society. The collection includes distinct posts pertaining to Best Friends, as well as posts about "rehabilitating" fighting dogs, Michael Vick's pit bulls, the National Football League and professional athletes with "pit bull problems." We've also inc… [Read full blog post]

Letter: The NFL Must Sever Ties with 'Pit Bulls' Once and For All

Letter to Commissioner Goodell | PDF DogsBite.org - Prior to Michael Vick's reinstatement to the National Football League and in the wake of James Harrison's pet pit bull unleashing a violent attack on his 2-year old son and wife, DogsBite.org sent a letter to Commissioner Goodell1. We asked in our July 23 letter that the NFL take a stand against the ownership of pit bulls by its players or risk this prized All-American sport going to the "pits." We also asked that Vick address t… [Read full blog post]