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9 thoughts on “Dogfighter Bill Stewart Kills Himself After Criminal Operation Discovered

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  1. Let's see… an old cracker dog fighter living on a compound in the dirty south with fighting dogs, weapons galore and anti-government literature. hmmmm…

    I'm thinking, KKK.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. (Desiree Bender, Humane Society) "Every person that was a wannabe dog fighter, a hobbyist, a street fighter, kids, elderly, anybody that had anything to do with dog fighting or game-bred pit bulls knew Bill Stewart and 'Rushin' Bill'."

    The magazine included a "Show News" section: a description of dog fights across the globe. Stewart published the Reporter until 2007. He once even ran a website supporting the publication:

    Scumbag dogfighter!

  3. 40 chains but only two pit bulls seized? So what happened to the other 38????? This is disgusting.

  4. "The magazine included a "Show News" section: a description of dog fights across the globe."

    And why would American dog fighter breeders be interested in this?

    Because American pit bull and Staffordshire Terrier breeders are breeding pit bulls and SHIPPING THEM TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES for dog fights

    And not a penny of that income declared, no taxes paid.

    That's why they fight against regulation and breeder licensing. Organized crime operates more easily with no laws.

  5. KKK, yeah, that's what I'm thinking too…

    Death by gun is a lot less painless than death by pit. He chose the easy way out.

  6. What happened to the other 38 pit dogs?
    Rumor has it that a bunch of crackers came and took all but 2 of them away before LE showed up with the warrants.

  7. Seems odd that this operation could exist for so many years without constant harrasment from the local law "enforcement". I'm sure it was a mere coincidence that the 38 crop circle spots were suddenly empty before the bust….

    Just sayin'

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