2008 Pima County Dogfighting Raid Results in Civil Forfeiture of Assets

From left: Emily Dennis, Pat Patrick, Bobby Smith and T.L. Williams Must Forfeit Property Picture Rocks, AZ - In a groundbreaking civil forfeiture action against a public nuisance property used for dogfighting, Emily Dennis must forfeit the property where she raised the dogs. Pima County Superior Court Judge Stephen Villarreal ruled that there was "probable cause" to believe the property, formerly owned by Dennis (Pat Patrick's partner), had been used to commit feloni… [Read full blog post]

Jere Alexander's Lynched Ku Klux Klan Pit Bull Embroidery Image

Alexander's pit bull image and a 2nd Klan ceremonial robe. After the Parade On March 13, 2010, Jere Alexander, the former Director of the Fulton County Animal Shelter, posted another dogfighting embroidery image to Pit Bull Patriarchy, a website that she contributes to under the name Spotted Dog Farm. She also posted the image to her own blog. Alexander was forced to resign after an investigation by Fox 5 News showed her making questionable decisions regarding shelter pit b… [Read full blog post]

Dogfighter Bill Stewart Kills Himself After Criminal Operation Discovered

From left: Bill Stewart, Pit Bull Reporter, seized marijuana and firearms. "Rushin Bill" Romance, AR - It is reported that the editor and publisher of dogfighting magazine, Pit Bull Reporter1, Bill Stewart (aka "Rushin Bill")2 shot himself to death. The incident began after a grass fire broke out on Stewart's property. When crews arrived to distinguish the fire, they discovered $124,000 of marijuana, more than 40 guns, pit bulls and a dogfighting ring. Just after the disc… [Read full blog post]

Owner of the AADR, Andrea Press, Allegedly Uses Pit Bulls to Attack Partner

Murph McAdams "hard at work," his dogfighting tattoo and using a break stick on CH Rival. Alleged Partner1 UPDATE 04/02/10: Sources reveal that Andrea Press' domestic partner is Maurice "Murph" McAdams of Celtic Kennels,2 who mainly goes by Murph McAdams or Mr. AADR. As seen on the AADR MySpace page, McAdams is shown lounging next to a computer, which might be the very computer that hosts the infamous AADR registry. McAdams is highly tattooed, but the one hidden beneath his s… [Read full blog post]