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35 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies After Violent Bull Breed Mauling in Morgan County, Alabama

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  1. A beautiful family. I am grateful they are getting support.

    Unfortunately, thoughts and prayers will not end the aggressive dog problem in this country.

    Please, wake up America and protect your people.
    This can be prevented.

    • Well said.

      On a positive note- at least the media there seems to be doing their part in covering this latest tragedy, instead of “pit bull damage control” or just turning a blind eye and finding a more favorable story to cover.

    • “Thoughts and Prayers” is the equivalent of “I don’t give a sh1t. I will do nothing to improve the future but here’s my public virtue signalling cuz it’s all about MEMEMEMEME”

      What a mess of breeds. Talk about rolling the gene splicing equivalent of mating Aileen Wuornos with Ted Bundy…

      • I beg to differ. Thoughts and prayers are tremendous help for the family. Losing a child is one of the hardest blows a family can experience. I am touched by the communities outpouring of support. The same for the family of the dad of 6 reported earlier.

        • Thoughts and prayers may make the family feel supported, but it does nothing to change the ongoing, ever increasing attacks from aggressive dogs living in our communities.

          Change happens when people educate others to the dangers of these dogs, when law suits cause financial pain on those who own these dogs that inflict so much pain on society. Real change happens when we take action. This very nonprofit is doing the hard work to bring change to our communities. Change does not happen with passivity and thoughts and prayers, no matter how much it makes people feel better.

          My challenge to this community would be to shut down the breeder of these pit bull travesties, enact laws demanding insurance be carried by owners of aggressive dogs, enact strict BSL in their community.

          For once, put people over mauling dogs. Once their friends and neighbors euthanize every aggressive breed they own, my faith in their ability to “love thy neighbor” will be restored. Until then, I am not holding my breath. I will support this non profit. I will educate everyone I know about bully breeds.

          Everyone here wants to see this family supported and cared for in every way possible. But we want more than that. We want these completely preventable deaths to STOP.

        • The dad of six who lost his life can’t feed his children anymore.
          Law suits have been brought against their community shelter that repeatedly returned these aggressive dogs to their owners. A law suit has been brought against both owners. Criminal charges for felonies have been brought against both owners. THIS is progress. This is how these children will be fed. This will bring change.

          • I agree with this Boston. Prayers AND contributing to a Go Fund Me Prayer AND doing something about your local animal control situation.

            IMHO there needs to be stricter liabiliyt laws for dog bites. People with guns, swmming pools can get in legal trouble for not securing there property. They don’t get one “free shooting” or “one free drowning” if someone dies because of their negligence. This can be done regardless of the breed.

  2. The little boy was not lost, he didn’t go to live with Peter Pan. I know it’s such an awful thing to say the truth of what happened, but it needs to be said. People donating might think it was due to an illness or an accident. He was yet another sweet child who was the victim of a bully breed.

  3. Wait that little boy died by an english bull dog that hard to believe.did he died by a pitbull but they’re lying about the dog breed not to anger the pitbull lover. I’m thinking he died by a pitbull or mixed pitbull.

    • The “Olde English bulldogge” has little to do with the English bulldog. We did update the post with some breed photos at the bottom along with explanation. The breeder appears to be a friend of the dog owner.

  4. I have seen Olde English Bulldogge puppies in a local pet shop. They don’t appear to have stenotic nostrils. They also look stronger than the English bulldog.

    Unfortunately there is another child killed by a bully breed. There is a lot of information that has not been released.
    Where did it happen? When will people listen?

  5. Ugh, this “breeder” sounds like a real piece of work, just mixing whatever with whatever to see what comes out. I personally despise him for abusing French Bulldogs in this way. They are NOT like the bull breeds he otherwise obsesses over and are just being used to get a smaller size. But really, WHAT is this guy DOING? And frighteningly, how many more “breeders” of these bull breeds are out there, putting THEIR neighbors at risk? The idea of further breeds like this being “resurrected” is also unappealing… some things are meant to stay dead.

  6. I’m not knocking the power of prayer that the community is participating in, but if they really want to show their support they would all get rid of their pit bulls if they own one.
    May this poor little boy rest in peace.

  7. I suspect that the Ye Olde Tyme English Bulldouge that mauled the little boy to death looked more like the breeders pic from 3/2023 (AmBull/ XL Bull) than the pic from 8/2022 (looks like a French bulldog to me but I’m not a dog person).

    Notice in the undated pic (top center) that thing is gnawing on a basketball.
    I suspect it was fully inflated before the dog started playing with it.

    Rick Springfield would “impress” people by showing them a “trick” his dog could do. He would throw a fully inflated basket ball to his bull terrier. The dog would bite the ball hard enough to deflate it.

    That dog is on the cover of his album Working Class Dog.

    If a dog can do that to a basket ball think what it can do to a boy’s head.

    I doubt we will ever get a pic of the attacking dog.
    Then again the owner may post a loving tribute, complaining that the cops had no right to shoot “their baby”.

    If they had any shame they would delete all social media, put their other dogs down and stop breeding.

    Then again if they had any shame they wouldn’t have been breeding “bulldogs”.

  8. This absolutely tragic event has shades of the Bennard family in Tennessee. Just like Kirstie Bennard, Beau’s dad fought like hell to save his son’s life. Ms. Bennard and Mr. Clark will live with the hellous trauma of seeing their child torn apart…and not being able to stop it! I’m grateful the Clarks have a faith and a fellowship to carry this unthinkable burden. Meanwhile, on social media, the pit bull worshipers are doing a gig because the dogs were initially misidentified as pit bulls. No compassion, just their misguided vindication for these monsters. As Colleen’s research has found, ANY bully in the bloodline is a risk, no matter what the label. The worst part is nothing will be done. (On national TV, we just had John Stewart weeping openly about the death of his pit bull: “the best dog ever.”) When Ikea dressers were recalled, NINE children had died. It was all over national news. HUNDREDS of children have died at the jaws of dangerous dogs. The real tragedy is that little Beau’s death wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. If nothing changes…nothing changes.

    • The story of Lilly and Hollace Bennard is something I’ll never forget. Those poor little kids, raised by a serious pitbull advocate in their father. I saw his FB posts, retrieved by this fine site. He literally said his dogs are a safe family breed. You would have to have your head in the sand to believe that nonsense.

    • Colleen, I read somewhere the family whose dog killed the boy were friends with the Clark family. Which, of course, makes sense, since they’re neighbors. Being the incredible sleuth that you are, I’m assuming you do not have a FB page for them with pix of the beast? Interesting how the police will not release this kind of info. One more reason the press is crucial.

  9. Facts: The dog was a family dog, raised with children. The dog was in its yard under the carport, the boy crossed the street onto the neighbors property. The dog and boy knew each other so it is unclear why he attacked. There has never been one incident with this dog.

    • Facts: The dog was the product of a breeder who crossed different types of blood sport dogs.

      A child was murdered by said blood sport dog and a full grown man could not overcome the strength of a blood sport dog to save his own child.

      Blood sport dogs often attack with no warning and no known history. They literally are doing what their DNA is programmed to do.

      Bully breeds were NEVER nanny dogs.

      The owner of this mauling dog will be financially responsible for all the damage inflicted upon their neighbors. Insurance often declines coverage for bullies (because they understand the financial cost of owning these dogs), so the owners will be personally responsible for their devastating choice in a dog.

      Rest in peace Beau.

      Darren Tucker speaks the truth.

    • At least this horrible incident didn’t turn into a commercial for pits.

      The pit pushers will descend on Darren Tucker much like their dogs. In a pack and they will go for his throat.

      He said the quiet part out loud and you can’t do that and work in animal control anymore.

      Hopefully the community doesn’t listen to the professional outside agitators.

      They are lucky to have a shelter director who will speak the truth about pits.

      • Yes, I have so much respect for Darren Tucker, and I’m shocked that someone with who understands and speaks the truth about pitbulls can exist as a director of an animal control department today. Hopefully he has the political capital to keep his position.

  10. “Why it attacked” – because of unnatural instincts bred into bloodsport breeds of dogs. People who try to figure out what the dog was thinking in the moment it attacked are anthropomorphizing and trying to blame the victim, too (whether they realize it or not, it’s a sign of deep confusion, imho).

    No criminal charges. That means that according to the standards of the community, the owner did absolutely nothing wrong. Community standards need to change. Surely we can come together and decide that things like this shouldn’t happen EVER.

  11. Attractive nuance. This term applies to swimming pools and should also apply to dogs in a yard. A childproof latch may have prevented his death.

  12. First off, childproof latches and underground fences would not have stopped this slaughter. These bloodthirsty mutants have crashed through front doors, windows and fences. When they set their sights on their prey, game over. Besides, it’s been stated that Beau had been around this dog, he “knew” this dog and the dog “knew” him. That little guy would, of course, feel safe walking into the friendly neighbor’s yard. But beyond the horror of this tragedy, is the owners actually tried to collect the dead dog’s remains. FOR WHAT? Have they no shame? Thank God, they were refused. Also, thank God for Darren Tucker. Yes, he will face the wrath of the pit bull lunatics, but if his words save one child, it will be worth it.

    • I’m with you on this one Teresa.

      This isn’t about dogproofing the kid.

      It’s about having a kidproof dog.

      Because there is *nowhere* in a community that children do not exist and there is no enclosure a clever dog can’t escape or a clever child can’t find their way in.

      You know what would have saved this kid’s life?

      If he opened the fence to play with a beagle.

      • Thanks, Boni. It’s the children who haunt me and break my heart. They’re so innocent. When an owner is mauled by their bad choice, I leave that one to Free Will. We get to choose our poison. But the children. What a horrific way to leave a life, so young, so pure. It didn’t matter that day if it was little Beau. Any child who entered that yard that day was about to take his/her last breath. That poor dad was probably following behind Beau on his bike. I cannot imagine what that father and the whole family is going through. My granddaughter was chased down by a pit bull last year. Thank God, the dog was grabbed before it got her. I still have images of strangling that dog to death. I would have given my life for her. There are so many victims in this story…a story that had almost no national coverage. But wait, the network news had yet another insipid dog “rescue” feature…big surprise: a pit bull!

        • Teresa it enrages me when people say “but the kid did a dumb thing”

          Because that’s what kids do, dumb things. I could go on for pages of dumb things kids did to my dogs including fall on them, pull their tails, wave hotdogs under their noses without thinking, mess with their bowls etc etc.

          If you train a dog NOT to react to those dumb things, and you chose a stable dog, you have the time to tell the kid, “Hey you got lucky. That was a dumb thing. Don’t do that” Owners need to protect their dog as much as they can, from those dumb things.

          Kids have the right to be foolish and learn.

          Dogs don’t have a right to bite them.

          There’s nothing complicated about it.

  13. Good point about no national coverage about this tragic event. If this was a shark attack instead of a deadly pit bull attack, guaranteed it would have been all over the national news. I’m tired of kicking this pit bull problem down the road, as it is fast becoming a public health crisis in this country. Think of all the pit bull attacks that happen every day that seriously injure and maim innocent people that we don’t even hear about unless it happens in our hometowns. The dog warden’s chief investigator in my county in NE Ohio tells me that the pit bull problem is “off the rails” in our county. I think that there has to be some type of organized media blitz that educates the public about how deadly dangerous pit bulls really are.

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