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5 thoughts on “Man's Death in Springfield Continues to be Under Investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner's Office

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  1. Good riddance to the pitbull I’m glad he killed that beast.I’m really confused was the pitbull Jonathan dog or it was a random person dog.was he attacked walking or in his own backyard was the people who helped him his friends neighbor or total strangers to him.if the dog was his then he’s a fool to own a dangerous dog. if not then the owner need to be charged with something with his death.

  2. Ok, let’s imagine that it was NOT the dogs that killed him (don’t forget that two other dogs were loose at the scene). So in modern times we must expect to be ripped apart if we happen to collapse in the vicinity of a pitbull? Do people not see a problem with this, one that we ought to solve?

    For example, this is a police bodycam arrest video where it was mentioned, as an aside, that a pitbull had eaten part of the murder victim.

  3. Glad that Channel 20 reported that the murder dog was a pit. Not at all surprised channel 17 did not. They often have pits with chewed up ears as the “Pet of the Week”. I suspect someone at the station either has a pit or has at least drank the Flavor Aid.

  4. Judging by the silence of the victim’s family and friends I will assume the pitbull was his own property. Well at least it didn’t kill one of his kids, which is the more likely outcome from bringing a bloodsport breed of dog into a home with children. Leaving all his kids fatherless is a less bad outcome than that I suppose…?

    The police dog attacking someone is also super messed up.

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