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15 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 61, Killed by Pack of Neighborhood Dogs in Rural McCreary County, Kentucky

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    • I’d say if you do a lot of walking around near where you live at and you live in a state that has good right to carry laws you should do just that. Personally I have no qualms about carrying for personal protection and no qualms on pulling the trigger on a neighbor’s mauler. This poor woman’s outcome may have been different if she was armed and had the skills and the willingness to use it. If you’re out there walking folks stay safe.

  1. It amazes me that so often the first comment from a family member is an apologetic remark about pitbulls. It just goes to show how insane pit culture is and how there is in fact a major problem or else they wouldn’t feel compelled to make some qualifying comment about how “they’re not all bad”! Can you imagine someone saying this about a person who murdered their loved one?! “He might have killed my mom but generally he’s a really nice loving guy!”

  2. It is ridiculous when folks leave dogs loose to run in packs and kill. Of course, the dogs have no owner so no dog owner can be charged with this. Were the dogs hungry? Did they kill for sport? We will never know and it’s not very important. Animal Control needs to step up and eliminate dog packs before a tragedy occurs.

    In my area, the Humane Society is no kill, and it just opened a new huge shelter within the past two years. It was supposed to be big enough until 2035. It is overflowing with dogs now. Since it’s no kill, the umpteen pitbulls cannot be euthanized.
    What can they do about this?
    Create a pitbull sanctuary? Pitbull overpopulation is a big problem everywhere.

  3. Before I read the story I automatically knew it was pitbull poor Wilma to died a horrific death I can’t imagined the pain she felt dying by those ugly beast dangerous dogs .and the of course the owners or family members said the same things it not the pitbull is the owners.yes Samantha it the breed of dogs that matter pitbull were originally breed to attacked because of the owner he she choose a pitbull innocent people are getting attacked or killed,

  4. I’m sooooo sick of ignorant ppl- the epically erroneous comment it’s how u raise them…OK ppl need to get smart- they need to learn the difference between breeding and training u cannot train breeding out of a dog! U cannot train a border collie not to herd furthermore u don’t have to train them TO herd-tneyre going to do it

  5. Well glad the granddaughter still thinks pit bulls are good dogs. @@ Let’s make sure everyone knows that so when their grandma is brutally mauled to death they are okay with it being pit bulls. Pack attacks seem to becoming even more common. And Animal Control is doing nothing, cops only respond if active attack or a body. Our streets are becoming danger zones due to pit bulls but still the non stop promotion based on lies and fuzzy feelings.v

  6. I hate the “its how you raise them” comments. It makes my blood boil that the family member said this. How are the people with “nice” pitbulls training them not to kill? Tossing baby dolls at them and giving treats every time they don’t attack the doll. Like come on you nuts, it’s the breed. It’s always the breed with pits!

    • Repeating the pit bull lie over and over doesn’t make it true. That statement makes zero sense, “it’s all in how you raise them”. Since many put bull people murders are members of the owner’s family, that either means 1. They raised their dogs to murder their family and neighbors, or 2. They are natural murder dogs and you have to train them not to murder. So why in the world would a sane person get murder dogs. The truth is they have breed specific traits that give them the propensity to be murder dogs. The other common comments, “I don’t know why they snapped”, or “something triggered them”, is more BS.

  7. I will say, after reading similar accounts of “stray” packs of dogs that terrorize their neighborhoods, if this were my neighborhood I would not think twice about poisoning the lot of them. If they’re strays and there’s no AC then no one should care. My life and my family’s live are more important than some dogs.

    • Sadly if somthing like that is even suspected the authorities, the same ones that don’t have the resources to lock up strays or investigate attacks will spend limitless manpower and other resources to catch the “monster” responsible.

      If you shoot a dog that it attacking your pet you will be charged with a crime in many places.

      The world has gone insane.

  8. This is why I carry a weapon whenever I walk around in my neighborhood. In our county, the number of dog attacks has increased dramatically in the last 2 years. None fatal….yet. It’s just a matter of time. I refuse to be a victim just so people can let their psycho dogs roam free.

  9. I just won’t to say the dogs was not raised to do this and yes they got fees everyday just so y’all know the dogs knew polly they never bothered her before they always seen who she was and walked with her to her home they never bothered her rip polly

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