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23 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Pair of Dogo Argentinos Fatally Attack Elderly Woman in Baldy Mesa, California

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  1. No more free bites!

    Manslaughter charges in deaths caused by dogs, as in this case.

    Bites and maulings to be handled as aggravated assault charges. Death of the dogs, and prison time and restitution by dog owners.

    You own a dog, you take full responsibility first time around.

    This breed looks like a pitbull on stilts rather than stubby legs.

  2. “Until a vicious dog hearing is held” I’m betting that it is already known that the owner is not going to let them be euthanized?
    And the whole vicious dog hearing thing after an attack or killing is BS! I mean come on society ACT like u got some sense!

    • It’s not possible to determine when a horrific dog attack is narcissistic negligence or intentional assault and murder and actually enjoyed by the dog owner.

      Therefore there must be punishments in place to cause dog handlers, users, owners to care enough to prevent that first attack.

      Immediately charge all with felony animal neglect and abuse.

      Immediately remove all dogs from their properties and their control. It must be all dogs to be breed neutral.

      Found guilty, all family /handlers are banned from any dog contact, handling or ownership for LIFE. It must be all family members to prevent the ownership from being transferred to granny so the true owner can continue having dogs.

      • I think you’re referring to Diane Whipple. That death happened in 2001, and was committed by a pair of Presa Canarios. The owners at the time were a pair of narcissistic lawyers who were aware of the dogs’ propensity for violence. They got the dogs from a white supremacist client that they adopted (and possibly had some weird sex kink with); the white supremacist, in turn, specifically purchased/bred the dog for violence.

        It’s a wild ride:

  3. Ii believe Dogos are used to hunt wild boar. They are powerful and look to me like giant pitbulls. The victim stood no chance of survival.

    I assume the dogs will be destroyed, as Dexter is probably the only killer dog which is still alive in the last few years. That undoubtedly is expensive to the owners. Indiana charges $15 per day or $450 per month per dog. I have no idea what Connecticut or California charges.

    At any rate, I hope the owner is charged for more than dogs at large. This type of dog must be confined at all times. If the owner cannot afford secure confinement, he/she shouldn’t have them. No doubt I will hear that they are sweet loving dogs.

    • I read a post by an Argentinian on a private security blog, He said in his country they are used as protection dogs, often on remote properties where law enforcement will not be able to show up in time. He said that they are not considered pets and require “Special handling”. ( Like making damn sure that they can’t escape and attack innocent passersby.

  4. This is just such a shame. Irresponsible dog owners have no excuse. The owner failed to contain his/her powerful, deadly dogs. They shouldn’t be able to get one free murder before they’re declared dangerous. They’re dangerous by their very size and breeding. They were not bred to be lap dogs. I’m a full size man but I would have absolutely zero chance fending off two of those without a decisive weapon at quick access.

  5. The dog in that photo is terrifying. What a waste of time and taxpayer dollars it is to have a hearing to determine whether these dogs are vicious – they were bred to be vicious.

    I’m sorry Soon Han suffered this tragedy and I hope she has family to fight for justice for her.

  6. Canadian woman who served her country, murdered by pitbulls, held in low esteem by province of Alberta.

    Betty Ann Williams was murdered by her neighbor’s 3 pitbulls months ago while working on her garden in the alleyway behind her home. Twelve counts were brought against her neighbors. The court’s decision lifted those 12 charges, and Denis Bagaric and Talyn Calkins are free to continue their pitbull loving ways.

    Betty Ann (“Rusty”) Willams served her country in the Canadian Air Force.
    She was a beautiful petite, energetic redhead who will be missed in her neighborhood.

    • You know what’s even more egregious?

      Activists who do anti-poverty work are often given bail conditions (even if the charges are trumped up, which is frequently) until the trial. Generally, those conditions are that they can’t attend rallies or be in contact with fellow activists or continue their work.

      Yet somehow murdering pitbulls and their owners have more rights than people who honestly are trying to do the right thing–whether you agree with them or not?

      Alberta. The cowboy-loving garbage can of Canada, once again.

    • A dog is a predatory animal that is potentially dangerous if it has sufficient power or mass. Owners should be held liable for the first offense.

  7. They called me Rusty

    I wanted to serve my country

    The Canadian Armed Forces brought me to Calgary

    I loved to garden in the back alley of my house here

    All my neighbors knew that because I’ve been living here for decades.

    New neighbors came here several months ago

    Their 3 pitbulls attacked me while I was tending my garden

    How did they get loose?

    Is that why they moved here, so they could escape problems in their previous neighborhood w their 3 pitbulls?

    Doesn’t living here for the past 50 years mean a bit more than neighbors who just moved in a few months ago?

    I served my country

    But when I needed my country to defend me,

    Canada and Alberta and Calgary,

    They no longer cared because I was a senior citizen.

    Mine was a good life,

    From Saskatchewan to Ontario to Alberta, I loved Canada!

    • Canadian woman murdered by 3 pitbulls:

      “The owner of three dogs in custody in the aftermath of an 86-yr-old….says…the victim swung a bag of dandelions, sparking the attack.”


      Wednesday, a trial was scheduled for February for Bagaric and Calkins, who now face 12 city bylaw charges related to the incident.

      They are to be tried in provincial court on Feb. 2 and 3.

      A day earlier, Calgary police announced there was insufficient evidence to charge either dog owner.”

      Note that all 3 pitbulls are still alive.

      See Oct 13, 2022 account by CTV News Calgary Video Journalist:
      Court document details dog owner’s recounting of attack that killed elderly woman

      • VICTIM BLAMING in affidavit.
        FORMER NEIGHBOR of pitbull owner and girlfriend tells of them being “horrid, horrid” neighbors, with the gate being left open so the pitbulls were loose. See above CTV video link.

  8. We are going to be seeing more deaths by these dogs as people move up from pit bulls to other dangerous breeds. It is all about having the most impressive vicious dog they can find to boost their own ego. And in 10 years, nobody will be able to walk for exercise. Our neighbor now has to drive his daughter the 1/3 mile to the top of the street to catch the school bus because of the loose pit bulls. And honestly that daily walk would be good for her. I stopped walking and I know that has lowered my overall health but getting muscle mass torn out of my leg by even one bite would do a lot more. And how soon before the Dogo are mixing with other dogs and ending up in the shelters. Just a nightmare.

    • Yes, Argentine Dogos are becoming more common, along with other truly dangerous breeds such as Cane Corsos, and Presa Canarios. Boerboels and Fila Brasileiros are slowly increasing in popularity too. People sometimes cross those with pit bulls to create very large, aggressive dogs with the awful “gameness” of a pit bull. It’s a catastrophe.

    • I understand completely. Not only have I started carrying a weapon on my daily walks around the neighborhood, I’ve had to start strapping a 45 on my hip when I’m out on my property doing work that makes me both distracted and vulnerable, like raking, gardening, digging, etc. I won’t even see an attack coming so I need an instant equalizer. Way too many XL pits running loose with totally irresponsible owners. Some of the owners get a kick out of other people cowering over their freak dogs. Because I am able, I refuse to cower and continue about my business, just armed for defense. I understand not everyone is able either physically, by disposition, or legally to do this. So, society should step in to protect people from these mutants and their antisocial owners.

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