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11 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies After Being Attacked by a Pair of Pit Bulls in Roane County, Tennessee

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  1. It’s a shame a man had to die because a jerk was letting his vicious pitbulls run free. I hope he goes to prison over this.

  2. The dog’s owner is guilty of manslaughter in the least, probably 2nd degree murder is the appropriate charge. I do hope he, and other owners of dangerous, unrestrained dogs, are charged and punished.

  3. Another senior citizen dies just minding their own business. One would think that taking a walk would not mean risking your life. But this is the world we live in now. Poor guy. The owner should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Sounds like he’s also a lowlife predator.

  4. Seems that there is a daily episode of DISPROPORTIONATELY DANGEROUS AND DEADLY DOGS, and “animals and humans are harmed in the making of each show.”

  5. Another day another fatal dog attack but the number 1 breed that always attack and killed a sweet lovable pitbull.and yet pitbull advocate don’t believe their sweet doggy can do it.same excuse its the owner he’s a bad owner the victim blaming the media give pitbull a bad rap its not a real pitbull all dog bites chihuahua bites the most.

    • Dexter’s owner said he was never aggressive even after killing an elderly woman. Yet the video of a birthday party indicated to me that Dexter would bite. (If I had owned Dexter, he would have been securely locked up.)

      I firmly believe that there would be far fewer dog bites if dog owners watched their dogs’ behavior.

      • Rachel, I remember that many feel that pitbulls do not give greetings or indicate when they will bite.

        Here is a chilling account I found in a Bennard childrens’ deaths article.

        “In a US Law enforcement training video called Dog Bite Prevention for Law Enforcement, dog expert Lockwood discussed why ‘fighting dogs’ such as pitbulls had a reputation for violence.”

        “Lockwood said:
        ‘Fighting dogs LIE all the time. I experienced it first hand when I was investigating three pit bulls that killed a little boy in Georgia. When I went up to do an initial evaluation of the dog’s behavior, the dog came up to the front of the fence, gave me a nice little tail wag and a “play bow” — a little solicitation, a little greeting. As I got closer, he lunged for my face.’

        • That is a chilling account indeed.
          Every pitbull owner, shelter worker, animal worker, etc. should have to read that,
          but unfortunately, even if most do, the deadly reality of the breed’s violent nature goes right over their heads, or they just can’t or won’t comprehend.
          Sadly, i believe there’s way too much anthropomorphism & zoophilia in our world today.
          Savior complexes/ Racial Analogy adds even more fuel to the wildfire.
          Years ago, we didn’t have this pitbull epidemic.
          Dog handlers knew & heeded the dangers of keeping their fighting dogs, accepting the fact they weren’t household pets at all.
          I wish more people would understand this, it’s mindblowingly shocking & heartbreaking that so many innocent people, especially children have died such horrific, easily preventable deaths.

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